REMINDER – BWF Membership Awards – Application Process 2022 – Deadline to Apply – 11 March 2022

Further to our announcement on 3 January (linked here) and our Memo of 14 January (linked here) about the BWF Member Association Awards, this is a friendly reminder that the 11 March is the deadline to submit an application.

To remind you, please find below and attached details of each award category, selection criteria, eligibility requirements and application process.

Award Categories / Application Form / Criteria / Process

Member Associations are invited to submit applications to be considered for one of four new BWF Membership Award categories:

  1. BWF Membership Grant Programme Impact Award
  2. Participation Award
  3. Inclusion Award
  4. Promotion Award


Member Associations must submit their applications by completing an online form, which can be accessed using the following link: Member Association Awards Application Form

A PDF of the application form is attached for reference and to assist Members in preparing the necessary information for the online form.

NB.Once started, the online form must be completed in one session. It cannot be saved or refreshed to complete later.

To assist Member Associations with their applications, the BWF has prepared a series of documents, which can be accessed via the BWF Corporate website.


These documents are attached to this email:

  1. Application Form – Get Ready – This is a copy of the online form. The attached will help you to prepare for the online application.
  2. Member Association Awards Application Pack – This details the application process, timeline, award categories and key selection criteria.
  3. Membership Awards Flow Chart – (Participation / Inclusion / Promotion).
  4. Membership Grants Impact Award – you can apply if you have received a membership grant.


The application period will run until 11th March 2022. Late submissions will not be accepted.


Should you have any questions, please contact [email protected]