The Sports Disciplinary Panel

The Sport Disciplinary Panel (SDP) is responsible for breaches of sports-related cases arising from breaches of the following sports-related regulations:

  • General Competition Regulations (Section 5.1), where such cases are not governed by the BWF Complaint Procedures;
  • Specific tournament regulations adopted by Continental Confederations;
  • Codes of Conduct that are not under the jurisdiction of the IHP; and
  • Such other cases, as are specifically stated in the BWF Statutes or as decided by the BWF Council.

Emma Mason – SDP President
Pilar Carrillo – SDP Deputy President
Geraldine Brown
Kenny Goh
Michel Bau

Andrew Greenway
Gregory Verpoorten
Odette Assembe Engoulou
Rudy Roedyanto
Santiago Zambrano