Disciplinary Action

The BWF has a range of rules related to disciplinary and appeals processes.

The Disciplinary Regulations – Judicial Procedures and the BWF constitution provide details on the disciplinary processes
and the rights of players, coaches, officials and others who are under-going disciplinary action.

There is also a system of administrative fines. Some in-appropriate on-court behavior for example may attract a yellow or
a red from the umpire, indicating a breach of the code of conduct. These administrative fines cannot be appealed
(see the General Competition Regulations – Appendix 11 – Table of Offences and Penalties).

Disciplinary Committee
BWF Council appoints a Disciplinary Committee which has the power to sanction players, coaches, competition officials,
Member Associations or other persons for infringement of any of the Codes of Conduct.

The decisions of the Disciplinary Committee may be appealed. The process of the appeals is governed by the BWF
Judicial Procedures.

The BWF has a pool of 15 independent arbitrators that have been approved by the Annual Meeting. Any three of these
can be called upon to form an Appeals Panel where a decision of the Disciplinary Committee is appealed.


Disciplinary Committee Reports/Ethics Hearing Panel Decisions

Recent reasoned decisions by the BWF disciplinary panels can be viewed under the Integrity Section of the website.

Older reasoned decision made by panels can be viewed under Archive – Disciplinary Action.