Independent Appointment Body

The BWF Vetting Rules ensures that there is independence not only of the Vetting Panel, but also of the whole vetting process. This is achieved by using an Independent Appointment Body (IAB).

The IAB is an external and independent body appointed by the BWF AGM on the recommendation of the Secretary General (SG).

The role of this IAB is described in the BWF Constitution (Clause 22A). Specifically, the role of the IAB is:

By having an independent body recommending the appointment of both the IVP and the IHP, the BWF ensures that they operate independently from any sort of outside influence.

According to Clause 22A.3, the IAB needs to:

  • be institutionally independent from the BWF, and
  • be suitable to carry out its role as described above, including having experience in the assessment of character and suitability of candidates to official positions.


The BWF AGM 2023 appointed Sport Resolutions as the IAB.

Sport Resolutions is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation that has, since its foundation in 1997, provided services to approximatively 25 international sport federations in relation to integrity-related matters.