Laws of Badminton / Competition Regulations


This section has all the technical regulations of badminton including the laws governing badminton.

The BWF constitution, guidelines for Council and Committees, Code of Ethics and Codes of Conduct, Judicial Procedures, BWF policies can be found on that page. These documents are also important for players, technical officials, coaches and team officials. These documents in particular are important for anyone participating in BWF sanctioned tournaments. These came into effect on 1 June 2017.


Technical Regulations

The technical rules governing the sport consist of two main types:

  1. Laws of Badminton
  2. Regulations
    • General Competition Regulations
    • Para-Badminton Competition Regulations
    • BWF event specific regulations (such as the World Championships)
    • Olympic Games Regulations


BWF also publishes a set of Simplified Rules which is for those just starting out in badminton. This provides the fundamental rules of badminton to get started.

The Laws of Badminton can only be amended by the AGM. All other regulations may be amended by the Council upon recommendation of the Events Committee.

Generally regulations may be amended by Council in May and November each year. Notices are sent to the membership notifying them of the changes to the regulations.