Member Association Awards

The Member Association Awards are designed to showcase excellence and promote best practice across the BWF’s 201 Member Associations (MAs). Each year, MAs are invited to submit applications to be considered in one of four BWF membership award categories:

  • BWF Membership Grant Programme Impact Award
  • Participation Award
  • Inclusion Award
  • Promotion Award

Within a chosen category, MAs select a specific project or activity and are asked to demonstrate clear achievements in one or more of the Membership Award Selection Criteria Areas – Excellence, Innovation, Impact Sustainability. 

Member Associations can only submit an application in one Award.

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BWF Member Association Awards 2024 

Presented at the BWF Annual General Meeting in Chengdu, China on Saturday 27 April 2024, the following were the 2024 winners of each category of award.

  • BWF Membership Grant Programme Impact Award – IRELAND
  • Participation Award – NORTHERN MARIANAS
  • Inclusion Award – BRAZIL
  • Promotion Award – CZECHIA




BadminTEEN Project

Having identified a drop-off in participation of teenagers, particularly girls, Badminton Ireland developed, piloted and are implementing a new initiative called BadminTEEN. This provides opportunities for teenagers aged 16 and older to be introduced to playing, coaching and officiating in badminton, as well as learning about personal wellbeing and nutrition.

Following successful pilots, the programme has now been rolled out across all four provinces in Ireland with 156 teenagers completing both online and face-to-face training. The programme has already seen positive results with an increase in school club participation.

Enda Lynch, CEO Badminton Ireland

Badminton as a new Interscholastic Competitive Sport

Having built a strong participation base in schools through the Shuttle Time Programme, Northern Marianas Badminton Association worked in  partnership with the Public School System and Public School System Athletic Department to establish badminton as a new interscholastic competitive sport at both middle-school and high-school levels.

In its third-year, badminton has seen a staggering 81% increase in participation, the highest among all seven sports played at interscholastic level. The programme has attracted private sponsorship and has been the catalyst to establish a national junior training pool with under-15 and under-17 teams being selected to compete at the Oceania Invitation Team Challenges in New Zealand and Australia.

Merlie Tolentino – President, Northern Marianas Badminton Association

Under-23 Para Badminton Championships

Brazil was one of the first countries in the Pan America region to establish Para badminton and has enjoyed success at regional, international and Paralympic Games levels. Despite a large player-base, the federation identified a gap in the number of young athletes involved in the sport, with an average national team player age of 35 or older.  To encourage younger athletes, the federation established the Diego Mota under-23 Para Badminton Championships, named after a Brazilian Para badminton classifier who passed away suddenly in a motor vehicle accident in 2020.

The championships showcases the best of inclusion and are played in the same venue and at the same time as senior national events. Today Brazil has an impressive 54 under-23 Para badminton players competing nationally, with five of these under-23 athletes recently medalling at the 2023 Para Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile.

Jose Roberto Santini Campos, President, Brazilian Badminton Confederation. to the stage.

Sustainability Strategy

 In 2023 the Czech Olympic Committee launched a new Sustainability Strategy, aimed at positively transforming national sport federations towards greater sustainability and accountability, reducing their negative environmental and economic impact by 2030. The Czech Badminton Federation embraced this new approach and set about developing a badminton-based solution to a global issue.

The answer for them was used Shuttlecock Tubes. The federation established a programme whereby clubs, schools and individuals can donate their used shuttle tubes, which are then processed by a third-party partner and recycled into various items including thermal insulation, ecological bedding and hot water tank systems.

To date the Czech Badminton Federation has engaged more than 20 clubs and collected over 200kg of used shuttle tubes; promoting a positive image of the federation and supporting the environment.

Petr Martinec – President, Czech Badminton Federation

BWF Member Association Awards 2023 – Winners

  • BWF Membership Grant Programme Impact Award – LEBANON
  • Participation Award – NETHERLANDS
  • Inclusion Award – SPAIN
  • Promotion Award – HONG KONG CHINA
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BWF Member Association Awards 2022 – Winners

  • BWF Membership Grant Programme Impact Award – BENIN
  • Participation Award – SAUDI ARABIA
  • Inclusion Award – UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
  • Promotion Award – AUSTRALIA
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