BWF World Junior Championships

China - Team Champions 2019, Kazan, Russia

Team Indonesia - Champions

BWF World Junior Championships 2019

World Junior Championships

The BWF World Junior Championships 2022 will be hosted in Santander, Spain.

  • Mixed Team Championships (Suhandinata Cup) 17 – 22 October 2022
  • Individual Championships (Eye-Level Cups) 24 – 30 October 2022


In Santander at the Championships, there will be an iZone – a Player Information and Awareness Zone. There will be information and activities related to the “i am badminton” Integrity Campaign and information on BWF Player Education and Dual Career programme. Below is a video for Team Managers on how to prepare for the iZone.

Team Managers Briefing – iZone @ BWF World Junior Championships

A total of 40 people from 29 Member Associations attended the Team Managers Briefing on 10 October which aimed to brief managers on what to expect at the iZone – (Player Information and Engagement Zone) at the BWF World Junior Championships 2022.

The video of the presentation is available here, and the PowerPoint Presentation can be downloaded above.

The sessions covered these topics:

  1. Before the Championships – how to prepare
  2. iZone Concept @ the WJCs 2022
  3. Activities @ the iZone – 2 focuses – Integrity based activities / information | Player Education and Dual Career
  4. Requirements to visit / Team Manager’s Role
  5. Follow Up after the Championships


Integrity – anti-doping / anti-match manipulation

Player Education and Dual Career

Anti-Doping Education

Under Clause 17.2 of the BWF Anti-Doping Regulations, the BWF has selected the BWF World Junior Championships 2022 as an event where players must complete anti-doping educational activities before they participate in the event in Spain.

This means that every player must complete an anti-doping education course before they arrive in Spain for the Championships. This is a mandatory requirement in order to compete at the BWF World Junior Championships 2022. .

Member Associations must provide BWF with proof of completion of the anti-doping education training for each player going to Spain no later than Friday 7 October 2022.

During the championships BWF will deliver a series of integrity educational activities at the iZone, similar to what we have done before (link here).

Download information above.

Get Ready – Anti-Doping Information Session

A total of 46 people from 34 Member Associations attended the Anti-Doping Information Session on 20 June which aimed to brief Member Associations on how to plan and deliver anti-doping education programmes for athletes and athlete support personnel who are participating in the BWF World Junior Championships 2022.

The video of the presentation is available here, and the PowerPoint Presentation can be downloaded above.

The sessions covered these topics:

  • Anti-Doping education – why is this important?
  • Successful Elements – Education Programmes
  • Requirements for the World Junior Championships 2022
  • Options to achieve these requirements
  • 11 mandatory topics for education – anti-doping information
  • Resources / communication / inspiration

The BWF World Junior Championships is held annually and consists of two separate competitions: a mixed team championships for the Suhandinata Cup followed by an individual championships for the Eye Level Cups – all hosted over 12 days and attracting up to 50 teams and 400 players from around the world.

The Championships provides badminton fans with a first glimpse of the stars of the future. The World Junior Championship is the first opportunity for talented young badminton players to represent their country in a world event in the sport.

It is also an opportunity to experience top level competition and perhaps put them on the pathway towards becoming one of the stars of the future.

Brief History

The BWF World Junior Championships was first hosted in Jakarta in 1992 as an individual championships and the event firmly established itself as an elite world youth tournament.

Justian Suhandinata, BWF Honorary Life Vice President, was a key driver for the introduction of the World Junior Championships. In the mid 1980’s he organised the Jakarta Open Junior Championships securing sponsorships and inviting all the best junior players from around the world. This event was the forerunner of the World Junior Championships.


Suhandinata Cup for the Mixed Team Championships

In 2000 the World Junior Mixed Team Championships started alongside the individual championships. In 2010 the Suhandinata family donated the stunning trophy to be presented to the winners of the World Junior Mixed Team Championships.

Suhandinata Cup

Eye Level Cups

The Championship cups for the individual events were initially called the Bimantara Cups after the first corporate sponsor of the Championships. This name continued until 2010.

The 2011 edition of the BWF World Junior championship saw the birth of five new individual trophies called the “Eye- Level Cups”.

Korean educational service provider, Daekyo, sponsored the annual junior tournament with the sponsorship running through to 2020. As part of its support, Dr Kang Young Joong, former BWF President (2005 – 2013) and Chairman of Daekyo, provides a total cash pool of USD36,000 to be given each year in scholarships for the winners of each of the five individual championship events.


Recent Results

Eye Level Cups


– Host City: Kazan, Russia

– Dates: 30 September – 13 October 2019

– Host Venue: Kazan, Russia

– Results (Team)

– Results (Individual)


– Host City: Markham, Canada

– Dates: 5 – 18 November 2019

– Host Venue: Markham, Canada

– Results (Team)

– Results (Individual)


– Host City: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

– Dates: 9 – 22 October 2017

– Host Venue: Gor Amongrogo Stadium, Yogyakarta

– Results (Team)

– Results (Individual)


– Host City: Bilbao, Spain

– Dates: 2 – 13 November, 2016

– Host Venue: Bilbao Arena

– Results (Team)

 Results (Individual)


– Host City: Lima, Peru

– Dates: 4 – 15 November, 2015

– Host Venue: Centro do Alto Rendimiento de La Videna

– Results (Team)

– Results (Individual)


– Host City: Alor Setar, Malaysia

– Dates: 7 – 18 April, 2014

– Host Venue: Stadium Sultan Abdul Halim

– Results (Team)

– Results (Individual)


– Host City: Bangkok, Thailand

– Dates: 23 October – 3 November, 2013

– Host Venue: Hua Mark Stadium

– Results (Team)

– Results (Individual)


– Host City: Chiba, japan

– Dates: 25 – 28 October 2012

– Host Venue: Chiba Port Arena

– Results (Team)

– Results (Individual)


– Host City: Taipei, Chinese Taipei

– Dates: 28 – 31 October, 2011

– Host Venue: Tao Yuan City

– Results (Team)

– Results (Individual)


– Host City: Guadalajara, Mexico

– Dates: 15 – 25 April, 2010

– Host Venue: Mision Carlton Hotel

– Results (Team)

– Results (Individual)