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Heritage Wall

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Heritage Working Group

The BWF Heritage Working Group focuses on sourcing, documenting and promoting content related to the history and culture of badminton and the organisations that govern, manage, develop and promote the sport.

The Working Group has four goals:

To facilitate the networking of those individuals who are interested in badminton’s heritage.

To encourage and broaden the interest in preserving badminton’s heritage.

To contribute towards the increased knowledge of the history of badminton as a sport.

To encourage BWF Members to collect heritage items and content related to the development of the sport at a national and international level.

The Heritage WG meets twice a year and works on projects to achieve their goals.  The Heritage WG distributes a Bulletin after every meeting to those who wish to receive this – click the link to register to receive the Heritage WG Bulletins. Back issues of the Bulletins can be downloaded above.

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