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Integrity Campaign

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Integrity Campaign

Clean - Honest - Badminton

Integrity Unit

The BWF Integrity Unit is an operational unit within the BWF office in Kuala Lumpur.

The unit focuses on sport integrity which is about keeping our sport free of corruption – free from doping and free from match manipulation.

On a day-to-day basis, the Integrity Unit manages the anti-doping and anti-match fixing programmes. The presentation in the download section (above right)  gives a short overview of the work of the Integrity Unit.

Integrity is important for every level of badminton – and this includes the national level and BWF members.


The key focuses of the BWF Integrity Unit are as follows:



The Integrity Unit is responsible for planning and implementing awareness, information and education programmes. The BWF “i am badminton” campaign is an example of an awareness raising programme. These are primarily for players, support personnel, technical officials and administrators in the sport.

Prevention is the main goal of the education programme.



BWF has a monitoring programme on betting in the sport and a comprehensive anti-doping testing programme. These are designed to identify individuals who are most at risk, to target individuals for monitoring. The monitoring and testing programmes target individuals to see whether they are compliant in terms of the anti-doping and anti-match fixing regulations and where appropriate, initiate investigations.

Prevention is also a goal here through monitoring and testing programmes.



The BWF has a range of powers to investigate allegations of doping, match-fixing and other forms of corrupt behaviour. The Integrity Unit may enlist external organisations and individuals including the police, customs officials and anti-corruption agencies in other countries to assist in investigations where the BWF does not have Jurisdiction.

Investigation can include any of the following elements:

  • analysis of betting data and patterns;
  • interviews with any person of interest
  • using intelligence provided through the whistle blower system
  • patterns of play in competition
  • patterns of competition and training as well as Whereabouts information
  • a players anti-doping test results and data from biological passports.


The Integrity Unit can launch an investigation at any time at its own discretion.

The Integrity Unit does not announce, comment on or confirm any of its investigative activities. The only time public comment is made is after a hearing has taken place and there has been a finding against a player or other person.