Athlete Centered

Players at the centre of our work


Athletes are at the center of sport. The on-court performances of world class players are an inspiration to those who play badminton and for those who follow badminton.

Players are central to the development and promotion of badminton.

Players are the main ‘actors’ on the ‘field of play’ around which events revolve. Their performance on court, their off court training, preparation for competition and their interaction with media and their connection to the fan base will influence their professional playing careers.


Player Careers

Top players start their playing careers early and very often, their playing career at the top level is relatively short. Players need to build skills and knowledge not only for their playing careers but also to prepare them for a life beyond badminton. Player career programmes are therefore important to prepare players for their future.

The BWF endorses and promotes a 360 degree approach to player development and participation in badminton and to prepare them for a future beyond their playing career.

The Player Career and Entourage Policy details the principles of this important relationship between the players and their entourage.


Player Entourage

The BWF also sees the importance of those who influence players the most – the players’ entourage.

The relationship and interaction between players and their coaches, managers, sponsors and all other stakeholders that support players is central to their professional career.

Entourage members play an important role in enhancing the players personal and professional development off court as well as performance on court. Players need to know how to value from these relations and support personnel.


Athletes’ Commission

The Athletes’ Commission was established in 2008 and is made up of six members.

The purpose of the Athletes’ Commission is to represent the views of athletes to the BWF Council and Committees. The Chair of the Athletes’ Commission is a voting member of the Council and has the responsibility to advise BWF Committees and Council on matters relevant to athletes.