It is a fundamental right that all individuals involved in the badminton community, whether they be athletes, employees, or volunteers, are able to participate in a nonviolent, safe and respectful environment.

Through the BWF Safeguarding Policy and the Safeguarding Plan, BWF focuses on efforts to create and support an environment and a culture which is free from harassment and abuse.

The welfare of all individuals involved in the badminton community is paramount. Behaviour and actions that constitute harassment and abuse will not be tolerated.

BWF Safeguarding Policy

To promote a safe environment for all those involved in badminton, the Safeguarding Policy aims to:

  1. Provide a framework and assign responsibilities for preventing harassment and abuse in the badminton community.
  2. Raise awareness of, and provide clarity on, what constitutes harassment and abuse.
  3. Outline the process for reporting incidents and managing cases of harassment and abuse.

BWF Safeguarding Plan

The purpose of the BWF Safeguarding Plan is to:

  1. Assign safeguarding responsibilities within the badminton community, and
  2. Set out the BWF’s operational plan in relation to its safeguarding efforts in accordance with the BWF Safeguarding Policy.

Safeguarding Plan is also meant to be used by members of the badminton community as a framework for their own measures as they seek to keep their members safe.

This Plan should be read together with the BWF Safeguarding Policy and was developed to reflect

BWF’s role in protecting its community. The Safeguarding Policy, provides the relevant definitions related to the prevention of harassment and abuse in sports.

This Plan is updated over time as an operational document, in order to reflect the evolution of the BWF’s safeguarding programmes.