85th BWF Annual General Meeting

Chengdu - 27 April 2024


Commissions are specialist technical groups and are made up of Council members and external members.  The Terms of Reference and the membership of the Commissions are approved by Council, except for the membership of the Athletes’ Commission and the Para badminton Athletes’ Commission. The members of these two Commissions are elected by the respective athlete populations – badminton / Para badminton.

The Terms of Reference for each BWF Commission is found in Appendix 3 of the Federation Rules and Procedures (Statutes – Section 1.2.2 – linked here).

BWF Commissions



Governance & Ethics Technical Commission

Responsible for the on-going review of BWF governance and ethics regulations and documents and making recommendations to the Council on the optimal structures, rules and processes to ensure good governance.

Vishu Tolan (Chair)
Richard Vaughan (Deputy Chair)
Nigel Skelt
KhunyingPatama Leeswatrakul
Emma Mason (External Member)
Torsten Berg (External Member)

HR Commission

Oversee effective and sustainable human resource development and provide guidance on HR policy development for the BWF.

Robbert de Kock (Chair)
Poul-Erik Høyer
KhunyingPatama Leeswadrakul
Vishu Tolan
Thomas Lund

Gender Equity and Diversity Commission

Responsible for providing advice on policy development around gender and diversity, guiding education and awareness on gender and diversity, and providing guidance on how to implement initiatives towards gender balance and greater diversity across the BWF structure and in our badminton community.

Dr Sawsan Mohammed Taqawi (Chair)
Chipo Zumburani (Deputy Chair)
Geraldine Brown
David Cabello
Pilar Carillo
Rukhshona Narzulloeva
Nora Perry

Athletes’ Commission 

Responsible for canvassing the views of athletes, providing information for athletes and building the links between decision making bodies of the BWF and the athlete community. The Commission represents the needs and views of athletes to the BWF Council and Committees.

Greysia Polii (Chair)
Robin Tabeling (Deputy Chair)
PV Sindhu
Zheng Siwei
Iris Wang
Kim Soyeong
Chris Trenholme (Secretariat)

Awards Commission

Responsible for implementing in a fair and transparent way, the system of annual awards as outlined in the BWF Awards Regulations which recognise excellence, achievement and service to BWF, the sport and to the badminton community.

Nora Perry (Chair)
Himanta Biswa Sarma (Deputy Chair)
Geraldine Brown
Vishu Tolan
Chipo Zumburani
Dato’ Kenny Goh
Richard Perot
Stuart Borrie (Secretariat)
Patricia Wong (Secretariat)

Para Badminton Athletes’ Commission 

The role of the Para badminton Athletes’ Commission is to liaise with players, organise players meetings at tournaments and canvas their views and opinions on rules and regulations, development and direction of Para badminton.

Richard Perot (Chair)
Raúl Eduardo Anguiano Araujo (Deputy Chair)
Amy Burnett
Daniel Chan
Cathrine Rosengren
TO Man-Kei
Syahmi Sabron (Secretariat)

AirBadminton Commission

Responsible for providing advice on the strategies to promote and develop AirBadminton as a recreational and competitive game, and to provide guidance on the development of a competition structure.

Poul-Erik Høyer (Chair)
KhunyingPatama Leeswatrakul (Deputy Chair)
David Cabello
Kinji Zeniya
Zhang Jun
Sven Serré
Etienne Thobois
Rudy Roedyanto
Nigel Skelt
Kenny Goh
Thomas Lund (Secretariat)
Ian Wright (Secretariat)

Sport Science & Medical Research Commission

Sport Science & Medical Research Commission focuses on the promotion of health and well being of athletes and the coordination of research in badminton specific science, athlete health and injury prevention.

David Cabello  (Chair)
Prof. Keiko Fonseca
Prof. Dr. Hanno Felder
Dr. Tengku Fadilah binti Tengku Kamalden
Dr. Martin Fahlström
Dr. Mark King
Dr. Niels Christian Kaldau

Technical Officials Commission

If/Where specifically requested by Council, Events Committee, Events Department Group or Staff, to propose changes to Technical Official (TO) policy and strategy, Laws and technical regulations, and review all proposed changes to Laws and technical regulations submitted by BWF stakeholders.

To assist staff with regular oversight of TO activities, including those of the BWF Referee and Umpire Assessment Panels, TO assignments, Semi-Professional TOs, educational resources and other TO projects and programmes.

Gilles Cavert (Chair)
Jane Wheatley
Malcolm Banham
Diraj Gooneadry
Chen Chih-Shen
Sven Serre
Peter Cocker
Enrique Charadan
Christopher Trenholme
Suvashini Sivapathasundram (Secretariat)

Tournament Doctor Panel

Responsible for providing medical advice to the BWF as it relates to the medical servicing at tournaments and the role of the On-Court Doctor.

Dr. Dato’ Guru (Chair)
Dr. Ashwin Patel
Dr. Martin Fahlström
Dr. Carmen Jahya
Christopher Trenholme

Medical Commission

To provide appropriate development/coordination of all medical related policy (e.g. injury prevention, mental health, transgender, etc.), procedures, and planning, including tournament doctors, and to ensure appropriate BWF representation at international l sport medicine related conferences and other meetings where sport medicine expertise may be relevant.

Dr. Dato’ Guru
Dr. Martin Fahlström
Dr. Niels Christian Kaldau
Ian Wright
Christopher Trenholme

Para Badminton Commission

Responsible for providing technical advice on regulations, policies, programmes, event development and the promotion of Para badminton.

Paul Kurzo (Chair)
Pilar Carrillo (Deputy Chair)
Torsten Berg
Dr Shamsul Azhar Shah
Dr Komwudh Konchalard
Guenter Kluetzke
Lyndon Williams
Richard Perot
Raul Eduardo Anguiano Araujo
Syahmi Sabron – (Secretariat)
John Shearer – (Secretariat)
Fern Gilders – (Secretariat)