World Badminton Day

World Badminton Day

What is World Badminton Day?

World Badminton Day brings people and communities together to experience fun and inclusive badminton, through a variety of active, engaging, and innovative badminton events. These events will take place globally over the same period of time. While events may range in size, location, and focus; the common theme to celebrate and promote badminton will be shared by all.

When is World Badminton Day?

05 July

The International Badminton Federation (IBF), as it was originally named (now Badminton World Federation – BWF), was established on 05 July 1934 with nine founding Member Associations. In recognition of this significant date in badminton’s history, World Badminton Day will be celebrated annually on 05 July, with activities and events delivered throughout this week.

Who can take part?

Everyone is encouraged to take part in World Badminton Day, either through attending a World Badminton Day event, or why not register and organise your own World Badminton Day event!

The following groups may consider hosting a World Badminton Day event:
• Badminton players & enthusiasts
• Schools
• Badminton Clubs
• Colleges & Universities
• National Badminton Federations
• Para Sport Clubs
• Special Olympics Programmes
• Cities
• Badminton Fans
• NGOs
• Continental Confederations
• Other….


How to celebrate World Badminton Day

World Badminton Day provides an opportunity to engage new and existing badminton participants. Events may bring badminton and other themes together, including culture, music, food, art, other sports. The list is endless.

Some ideas of badminton events to celebrate World Badminton Day may include:
• Shuttle Time Courses or Competitions
• Come and Try Events
• AirBadminton Activations
• Fun Competitions
• Free Badminton Lessons
• Exhibitions
• Badminton Festivals
• Coaching Courses
• Inclusive Badminton
• World Record Attempts
• Community Events


Where can World Badminton Day events take place?

• Parks
• Beaches
• Green spaces
• Iconic Landmarks
• Schools
• Universities
• Shopping Malls
• Streets
• Any workplace such as offices
• Stadiums
• Halls
• Tourist attractions


What are the steps to get involved?



World Badminton Day timeline


Branding Toolkit

These guidelines provide information and ideas of how you can use the World Badminton Day logo: Brandbook Toolkit


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