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BLIBLI Indonesia Open 2018

Technical Team

YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships 2019

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TOTAL BWF World Championships 2017

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TOTAL BWF World Championships 2018

Technical Team

TOTAL BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2018


Technical officials are central to controlling the game of badminton on-court and ensuring fair match play in accordance with the Laws of Badminton and the various competition regulations.

Ensuring a high standard of officiating at international competitions is a key goal of the BWF. Training and development of technical officials is an important part of maintaining consistently high standards of officiating.

The BWF appoints technical officials to all BWF Tournaments.

The development pathway for referees and umpires is from national to continental to BWF.

The BWF also has a large number of international line judges who serve the sport at BWF Grade 1 Tournaments.

The BWF is responsible for:

  • Supporting the training and development of technical officials.
  • Regularly assessing and reviewing the performance of technical officials at international tournaments.
  • Managing the qualification and certification system for BWF Technical Officials.

The BWF office keeps a record of work of each technical official in their role and this is used to ensure mix of experience at BWF Grade 1 Tournaments (Major Events) and to ensure technical officials meet the minimum number of hours of work annually to retain their respective credential.


COC-Tales is the quarterly e-newsletter for technical officials. The latest editions can be downloaded from the drop-down icon above.


Resources and Downloads

The following resources can be downloaded from the drop-down icon above:

  • Group Travel Insurance
  • Travel Policy for BWF TOs
  • Expense Claim Form
  • TOs and Social Media Policy
  • Player Clothing Database


Educational manuals for Line Judges, Umpires, and Referees are available in different languages and can be downloaded free of charge from the Development resource library – link here