Player Transfer

From one Association to Another

Player Transfer

Member Associations must abide by the following process when a player from another Member Associations comes under their jurisdiction.

Both Member Associations must notify the BWF that the player has left and moved to another Member Association. They must jointly inform BWF using the:

  1. Badminton Player Transfer Form
  2. Para-Badminton Player Transfer Form


Process for Transfer of Players

  1. A player with a BWF ID number, seeking transfer of jurisdiction to another Member Association (Transferee Member Association) must seek BWF’s prior approval before the transferee Member Association submits the players entry for any BWF sanctioned tournament.
  2. The player is eligible to apply for transfer of jurisdiction under General Competition Regulations/Para Badminton General Competition Regulations (GCR 5/PBGCR 5) and GCR 6/PBGCR 6.
  3. The player is eligible to apply for transfer of International Representation under GCR 6/PBGCR 6 and must comply with all conditions stipulated in GCR 6/PBGCR 6.
  4. All transfer applications (numbers 2 and 3 above) shall be made in writing by the transferee Member Association using the BWF Player Transfer Form. This form must be signed by the transferee Member Associations and the player seeking the transfer. Any incorrect information contained in the form may result in disciplinary action against the player and the Member Association concerned.
  5. The BWF Transfer Form shall be signed by his previous Member Association (Transferor Member Association) to show that the player has no disciplinary or contractual commitments to the Transferor Member Association. The onus of responsibility rests with each Member Association to ensure that each transfer is in order. Necessary supporting documents duly attested by the concerned Members Association shall be attached to the form.
  6. Any player under disciplinary notice or suspension of any kind of either Transferor Member Association or BWF shall not be granted transfers or clearances to participate in any BWF sanctioned tournaments.
  7. All regulations and procedures of BWF shall be deemed as rules governing such movement of players.


If you have any questions, please contact Yee Hon Jun ([email protected]).