Voting Strength

BWF has a voting system where Members can have 1 to 5 votes depending on how many criteria they meet over a 4 year Assessment Period. The number of votes is then fixed for the subsequent four years.

Clause 15.20 of the BWF constitution states that:

A Member in Good Standing shall be entitled to a minimum of one (1) vote and a maximum of five (5) votes as confirmed by Council in accordance with the following criteria applied over the Assessment Period”.

The Assessment Period is defined in Clause 7.3 of the BWF constitution.

Voting Strength Criteria

Clause 15.20 of the constitution has more details of each criteria, however here is a brief explanation of the five criteria:

  • Member – being a BWF Member = 1 vote.
  • Player Base – more than 10,000 registered players for each of the 4 years of the Assessment Period = 1 additional vote.
  • Event Participation (6 out of 10 international events during the assessment period) = 1 additional vote.
  • Top Ranked Players – at least 1 athlete (top 40) – Olympic Games world ranking qualification list = 1 additional vote.
  • International Event Hosting – hosting international event in 3 of the 4 years of the Assessment Period = 1 additional vote.