Integrity Campaign

Clean - Honest - Badminton

Integrity Campaign

Clean - Honest - Badminton

Anti-Match Fixing

Education, monitoring, investigations

Anti-Match Fixing Program

Every athlete has the right to compete in fair sport – sport that is free from illegal betting, corruption and match-fixing. Match-fixing is contrary to the spirit of sport.

Everyone has a responsibility under the BWF Regulations and Codes of Conduct to keep badminton free from illegal betting, corruption and match-fixing. This includes:

  • Players (badminton / para-badminton)
  • Support personnel – coaches, trainers, managers, team doctors
  • Administrators of the sport
  • BWF Members, and their clubs and associations
  • Badminton World Federation


The “i am badminton” integrity programme is an awareness campaign to help focus on “clean and honest” badminton.

Athletes are at the centre of the programme because we must protect their rights to compete in clean and fair sport.


Athletes – Personal Responsibility

Players are personally responsible for:

  • Knowing what they can / cannot do around betting in badminton.
  • Following the BWF Regulations and Codes of Conduct.
  • Reporting incidents that could be illegal betting, corruption and match-fixing in badminton.
  • Incidents can be reported anonymously through the BWF Whistle Blower System.


BWF Position on Betting

BWF Regulations prohibit players (who have competed in at lease 3 international competitions) from betting on badminton. In mid March 2016, BWF updated the Code on The Prevention Of The Manipulation Of Competitions – see the announcement.

The regulations also prohibit bribes, or offering anything of value, to influence the outcome of a match.

The Codes of Conduct for players, coaches, officials cover the following areas:

  • Conduct contrary to the integrity of the game.
  • Wagering anything of value in connection with a tournament in which a player will be at, or competing in.
  • Bribes or other payments – offering, giving, soliciting, or accepting or agreeing to offer, give, solicit, or accept anything of value to or from any person with the intent to influence any player’s efforts or the result of a match in any BWF-sanctioned tournament.


More Information

  • Your coach or manager
  • Your badminton association
  • Andy Hines-Randle – Head of Integrity – [email protected]