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Para badminton Commission

The Para badminton Commission provides expert technical advice to the Para badminton Committee.

The Commission focuses on rules and regulations, medical and classification and procedures around Para badminton tournaments.

The Commission members are appointed by the BWF Council. Commission members have expertise in key areas of Para badminton including:

  • Technical – rules and regulations
  • Medical and Classifications
  • Anti-doping
  • Events and Competitions
  • Officiating
  • Development
  • Administration of Para badminton


The work of the Commission is guided by its Terms of Reference which is approved by Council.


Commission Members

Paul Kurzo

Chair – BWF Vice President Para badminton

Pilar Carrillo

Deputy Chair

Dr Shamsul Azhar Shah

Head of Classification

Dr Komwudh Konchalard

Senior Classifier

Guenter Kluetzke


Lyndon Williams

Para badminton Development

Richard Perot

Para badminton Athletes’ Commission Chair

Raul Anguiano

Para badminton Athletes’ Commission

Syahmi Sabron

Para Badminton Manager

John Shearer

Head of Continental Development

Fern Gilders

Head of Tournament Development


Syahmi Sabron – [email protected]