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Governance and Leadership


The main focus of the BWF is to promote, present, regulate and develop the sport globally. There are five key ways in which we achieve our strategic goals:


Excite, engage and enhance our global badminton fan base through inspirational performances at world class events. Delivering excellence and packaging the stories, passion and drama for a range of digital platforms will engage fans and enhance badminton’s position in the global sports entertainment market.


“Giving every child a chance to play for life”. Increasing participation in badminton and Para badminton with a particular focus on youth and making links between recreational contexts and competition pathways will facilitate participation for life.


Provide the best possible environments for training and competition; showcase the extraordinary talent of performance athletes; provide opportunities to learn and develop beyond the field of play. Informed and engaged athletes will be better able to train and perform, develop their media profile and value as a sport personality, secure sponsorships and better prepare themselves for life after their playing career.


Develop effective international relations and foster strategic partnerships to achieve shared goals. Strategic partnerships bring new resources, expertise and opportunities which allow BWF to more effectively implement programmes and projects to achieve better outcomes.

Capacity Building

Strengthen and enable organisational capacity of the BWF, Continental Confederations and Members  Associations to support strategic implementation. Building capacity to effectively govern and manage our sport will increase the impact we can have on developing badminton and improve outcomes.

Core Activities

The main areas of day to day activity are:
– Membership servicing
– Regulating and governing the sport – international level
– Events
– Development
– Para badminton
– Marketing and Promotion of the Sport
– Olympic and Paralympic Games

Membership Servicing

BWF has a global membership of 199 Member Associations. With its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, BWF provides a range of services to its members. This includes partnerships around event hosting, training courses, resources and membership grants to develop the sport and the people in the sport, as well as support for members to attend the annual general meeting of the BWF and engage in the governance processes and the annual Members’ Forum.

Regulating the Sport – International Level

The BWF is responsible for regulating the sport at the international level. This includes sanctioning of international competitions, regularly reviewing the rules of the sport and having a system to ensure rules and regulations are followed in the preparation for and delivery of international competitions.


BWF showcases excellence through major event delivery – BWF World Championships, Thomas & Uber Cups, Sudirman Cup, BWF World Junior and World Senior Championships. This involves not only ensuring the event is delivered technically well but also event presentation is to the highest levels to showcasing star quality players to a fan base of more than 735 million globally.


Working closely with the five Continental Confederations, BWF supports the implementation of a wide range of development programmes:

– Participation – Shuttle Time schools badminton
– Coach education – framework, coach development resources and courses
– Player development – talent identification and development
– Membership development – more members joining the BWF and building the capacity of existing members to better regulate, promote and develop the sport at a national level.

Para badminton

Badminton is a Paralympic sport. BWF has a major role in regulating, promoting and developing Para badminton worldwide. This includes developing the technical capacity of our workforce in Para badminton, player and coach development workshops and training camps, the development of the rules system and the promotion of Para badminton to an increasing fan base.

Marketing and Promoting the Sport

Badminton has a fan base of over 735 million. Our role is to build this fan base globally, showcase our talented players and provide information and statistics on the performances and personalities on and off the field of play.

Olympic / Paralympic Games

Badminton is  an Olympic and Paralympic sport. Our role is to be an active member of the Olympic and Paralympic movement and to plan and implement athlete programmes and pathways towards worlds best performances that attract a significant share of Olympic and Paralympic broadcast.