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About BWF

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) as the world governing body for badminton. The International Badminton Federation (IBF), as it was originally called, was established in London, on 5 July 1934 with nine founding member associations. The BWF is a federation of 193 members globally.



Making badminton a leading global sport accessible to all – giving every child a chance to play for life.



To lead and inspire all stakeholders, deliver entertainment through exciting events to drive fan experience, and to create innovative, impactful and sustainable development initiatives.


Key goals for the BWF are detailed in the constitution. These are to:

  1. Publish and promote the BWF Statutes and Principles
  2. Encourage the formation of new Members, strengthen the bonds between Members and resolve disputes between Members.
  3. Control and regulate the game, from an international perspective, in all countries and continents.
  4. Promote and popularize badminton worldwide.
  5. Support and encourage the development of badminton as a sport for all.
  6. Organize, conduct and present world class badminton events.
  7. Maintain an Anti-Doping Programme and ensure compliance with the WADA Code.


Corporate Values

Excellence    |    Integrity    |    Entertainment   |     Leadership    |    Universality    |   Innovation

BWF Strategic Plan

The  BWF Strategic Plan (2016 – 2020) guides the Council in the Core Activities (Events, Olympics/Paralympics, Development, Para-badminton) and Functional Areas (Governance / Administration & Operations, Communications, Marketing and Finance.

The Strategic Plan has four Strategic Focuses:

These four key Strategic Focuses that are at the heart of BWF’s work. The first two – Entertainment and Participation – are core business for BWF. The other two – Capacity and Partnerships are ‘enablers’ that support the achievement of all strategic goals.


Entertainment – To excite, engage and enhance our global badminton fan base.

Participation – To give every child a chance to play for life.

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Partnerships – To engage with key partners to achieve shared goals and to strengthen BWF’s status as a responsible and proactive institution.

Capacity – To strengthen and enable organisational capacity of the BWF, Continental Confederations and members to support strategic implementation.


Annual Reports

The BWF annual reports and audited financial statement for the last six years can be downloaded from the Annual Reports page of the website.


The BWF logo which was launched in 2012, is contemporary, strong and efficient. Red is the base brand colour and the logo includes the strong and bold letters “BWF”. These letters are located in a ‘holding device’ which is in the shape of a stylized shuttle. This stylized shuttle has been used since 2011 in key BWF events branding such as the BWF World Superseries. From 2012, this has also been used in Major Events branding – BWF World Championships, BWF Sudirman Cup and the BWF Thomas and Uber Cups.