About Badminton

About Badminton

Badminton is a global, inclusive and accessible ‘sport for all’.

More than 300 million people globally actively participate in the sport in a wide variety of contexts – recreational, organised schools programmes, club competitions, AirBadminton and elite badminton pathways towards podium finishes at world class tournaments.

These top tier tournaments are broadcast to more than 650 million households, and through television broadcast, websites, apps and social media, we aim to reach and engage the more than 700 million badminton fans globally.

Participation’ is one of five Strategic Priorities in our Strategic Plan 2024 – 2028 and this area focuses on badminton development and increasing the participation globally.

BWF has a wide range of programmes and initiatives to facilitate the active participation in our sport and these are presented in the BWF’s Physical Literacy and Activity Policy.

For more information on the policy, read the below, look at the presentation and watch the video which introduces this.

BWF Physical Literacy and Activity Policy

The BWF vision is giving every child a chance to play badminton for life”.

Our vision is to reach out and engage children in the sport at an early age and to offer opportunities and pathways to keep them actively engaged in badminton for life.

Promoting physical activity and offering a comprehensive physical literacy pathway are the key initiatives of the BWF in making badminton an inclusive, healthy and fun form of lifelong physical activity.

BWF Programmes and Initiatives

The BWF Physical Literacy and Activity Policy aims to bring together all the BWF programmes and initiatives into a coherent policy to promote physical activity globally (see below). The video above and the accompanying presentation introduces the policy.