BWF Para-Badminton Classifiers

BWF Para-Badminton World Championships 2015


Classifiers evaluate players and determine their Sport Class and Sport Class Status so they can compete in international
tournaments. They are trained and qualified to be members of a Classification Panel.

The BWF organises workshops for those who wish to become a BWF International Para-badminton Classifier.

More information on classifier education and certification and training courses is available from the
Classification / Certification page of the website.

The BWF recognizes three levels of classifier:

  • Trainee Classifier
  • Level 1 – International Classifier
  • Level 2 – Senior International Classifier

There are a number of roles and levels of classifier in the BWF system:

  • Head of Classification – the person responsible for the direction, administration, coordination and implementation of classification matters for the BWF.
  • Chief Classifier – a classifier appointed for a specific BWF sanctioned international tournament, responsible for the direction, administration, co-ordination and implementation of classification matters at that tournament.
  • Senior Classifier – has a leadership role at international tournaments. Senior classifiers have completed BWF training, show leadership, participate in research and development of the classification system, and have sufficient experience to implement the classification regulations at a tournament. Senior classifiers can perform the role of Chief Classifier at events.
  • International Classifier – has successfully completed the BWF classifier training and has been certified to be a
    member of a classification panel at international tournaments.
  • Trainee Classifier – this person is being trained by the BWF and is not yet certified as a classifier. A trainee cannot be a member of a classification panel at an international tournament.

BWF Classifiers

Head of Classification

Senior Classifiers

International Classifiers

Dr Silvia Albrecht

Dr Shamsul Azhar Shah

Tatiana Merino

Dr Syamsul Rizal

Vivian Maria Salazar

Dr Komwudh Konchalard

Rebecca Bailey

Dr Bang Heui Je

Nevin Aysel Guzel

Jose Maria Lopez

Martin Plegt

Dr Phitsanu Suntornpiyapan

Amaya Iribarren

Dr Kingsley Metu

Classifier Training / Certification

The BWF Classifier Education and Certification Programme provides the framework and requirements to train, develop
and maintain International Para-Badminton Classifiers. There is also a training and certification programme for national
level classifiers.

The BWF Classifier Education and Certification Programme provides the framework and requirements to train, develop and maintain International Para-Badminton Classifiers.

The programme defines the requirements needed for different levels of certification and the conditions to maintain certification and to advance to a higher level.

Appendix 6 of the Classification Regulations provides details of the education and certification of classifiers. The Guidelines for Classifier Education and Certification detail the training programme for Level 1 International Classifiers.


International Classifiers

For new international classifiers, there are two main stages and the programme involves a minimum commitment of:

  1. Attendance at two international tournaments where training will be conducted


  • one day of workshops / training theory
  • one day of observation of player evaluation
  • two days observation of players in competition


2. Participation in workshops, theory sessions, observation and practical tasks.

3. Completion of written assignment work between the two international events

4. Completion of assessment tasks.

Trainee classifiers will receive a certificate of attendance after the first stage of the training course with a summary assessment report on progress towards certification.


Pre-requisites for Training

There are a number of pre-requisites to undertaking classifier training and to becoming a BWF International Classifier. These are:

  1. Qualified in one or more of the following disciplines:


  • a medical professional – a doctor or physiotherapist (or practitioner from a related discipline) who has knowledge and experience in dealing with people with the impairments and the Activity Limitations described in the Sport Profiles;




  • a technical expert with in-depth knowledge of biomechanics of sport/human movement and have significant expertise in the technical aspects of badminton.


2.  Able to communicate effectively in English – undertake classifier training and conduct player evaluations in English.

3.  Able to commit time as a para-badminton classifier once qualified.


The following would be a significant advantage in training to be a para-badminton classifier:

  • Experience and/or qualifications as a national classifier in para-badminton.
  • Experience and/or international classifier in another sport.
  • Knowledge of badminton, its rules and physical and technical demands of the sport.