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Strategic Plan

BWF has two strategic planning documents for the period 2024 – 2028:

 – Strategic Plan 2024 – 2028 – the overarching plan focusing on 5 strategic priorities.

 – Strategic Implementation Plan 2024 – 2028 – the detailed plan to deliver on our priorities.


 – Giving every child a chance to play badminton for life.



 – To lead, inspire and engage stakeholders.


Lead  – Be leaders in governance practice, support our membership to maximise outcomes, and invest, develop and grow badminton in a sustainable way.

Inspire – Deliver spectacular entertainment and drive player focused fan engagement.

Engage – Create innovative development initiatives and foster participation for life – play, coach, compete, officiate.



– Excellence    |    Innovation    |    Integrity   |    Inclusion    |    Respect


BWF Strategic Plan 2024 – 2028

The Strategic Plan details the five Strategic Priorities:

Entertainment – Deliver excellence in event entertainment. Excite and engage our global fan base. Create strong commercial partnerships and optimise revenue potential and profitability.

Participation – Provide support, guidance and resources to Member Associations to enhance their organisational capacity to deliver participation programmes and drive badminton’s growth at a national level.

Athletes – Promote safe and fun experiences for participation athletes and deliver safeguarding awareness and education. Ensure the best possible environments for international competition athletes, showcase inspirational performances and provide opportunities for athletes to learn beyond the field of play.

Partnerships – Develop effective international relations and foster strategic partnerships to achieve shared goals.

Capacity Building – Provide comprehensive support, guidance, and resources to Member Associations, enabling them to enhance their organisational capacity, governance structures, and grassroots development programmes to drive badminton’s growth at the national level.

Strategic Plan Implementation Plan (2024 – 2028)

The Strategic Implementation Plan is a detailed operational plan which details how we deliver on the Strategic Priorities. This consists of nine Key Results Areas (KRAs).

The nine KRAs in the Strategic Implementation Plan are divided into two types – Core Activities (major focus of our work) and Functional Areas (transversal elements and areas that sit across all area of our work).