BWF Para-Badminton World Championships 2017

Referees & Technical Delegates team

BWF Para-Badminton World Championships


Technical Delegates

Technical officials are central to controlling the game of badminton on-court and ensuring fair match play which follows the Laws of Badminton and the various competition regulations.

Ensuring a high standard of officiating at international competitions is a key goal of the BWF. Training and development of technical officials is an important part of maintaining consistently high standards of officiating.

BWF appoints technical officials to all BWF Para badminton events.

In Para badminton, technical officials can be categorised as Referee, Technical Delegate, Umpires, Line Judges as well as Classifiers.

BWF is responsible for:

  1. Supporting the training and developing technical officials.
  2. Regularly assessing and reviewing performance of officials at international competitions.
  3. Managing the qualification and certification system for BWF technical officials.

Para badminton Technical Delegates

Guenter Kluetzke

Kristil Tan

Teo Kian Joo

Enrique Charadan

Stefan Fuerstenau

Carmen Martinez

Jeff Bell