Education 2

Awareness and education is key in the fight against match fixing, match manipulation, illegal betting, corruption and doping in sport.

Each National Badminton Associations is responsible for implementing their own anti-match manipulation education programme. The BWF is also responsible for providing an education programme – both awareness training and a programme that looks at the values of sport and the importance of fairness in sport.

The below provides some read-to-use resources from various sources.

The “i am badminton” integrity campaign is about players, coaches, technical officials and administrators working together to protect our sport from threats like doping, match manipulation, match fixing, illegal betting and corruption.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of 1) good sports values, 2) the rules and regulations around the ethics of sport and 3) the consequences of breaching the rules. The  Anti-Match Fixing part of the website has a range of resources available for National Badminton Federations to download and use to plan and deliver an integrity awareness campaign. This includes 1) artwork of campaign logos, roll up banners, backdrops, posters of campaign ambassadors; 2) model plans to guide trainers; and 3) images of “i am badminton” activation since 2015.

IOC Resources

The International Olympic Committee has an awareness raising programme on the prevention of manipulation of competitions and there are some resources and tools that can be accessed by athletes. This includes an online platform for athletes in a range of languages, video material, quizzes and information to share with other athletes.

Athlete365 is an IOC platform for athletes.

This online resource for athletes aims to

  1. provide a new platform for the global athlete community;
  2. improve the way IOC communicates with athletes;
  3. provide better support both on and off the field of play.


The purpose of Athlete365 is to promote the kinds of help and guidance that is available to athletes.

Please click here to download the access instructions for Athlete365

Main features are:

  1. e-learning platform
  2. content in 10 different languages on cheating, betting, inside information and obligation to report
  3. accessible on any device including smartphones, tablets or laptops.
  4. upon successful completion, a certificate is issued.