Player Undertaking

International competition

Player Undertaking

International Competition

Player Undertaking

Every badminton player ranked in the top 100 must individually sign the BWF ‘Players Undertaking’. This is an on-going obligation for any player in the top 100 World Ranking in men’s / women’s singles, men’s / women’s doubles and mixed doubles.

Section 5.1 of the BWF Statutes – the General Competition Regulations – Article 4.12 states the following:

For Player’s ranked number 100 or above in any Event on the World Ranking, such Players must sign the BWF Players Undertaking to retain the status as a Registered Player for Entry.

Section 5.3.6 – Player Commitment Regulations defines the same obligation.


This undertaking describes 1) BWF Commitments and 2) Player Commitments. You can download the Player Undertaking in 9 different languages above – English, Spanish, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.


Implementation – Player Undertaking 2020

The BWF Council approved this regulation in late 2018, and BWF started implementing this in November 2019.

The deadline for the BWF to receive the signed scanned copy is 31 January 2020.



Please download these documents above, to help you with the implement of the Player Undertaking.

  • Memo from the BWF – dated 26 November 2019
  • Letter from the BWF President / Secretary General.
  • Ideas for Implementing the Players Undertaking.
  • Basic Information / Links to Regulations – Anti-Doping | Integrity | Media | Privacy.
  • A PowerPoint presentation template (in English) for you to use in a group information session (in progress)


Ideas to Help You Implement This

Each Member Association should assign someone to be responsible for implementing and maintaining this obligation.

Members should use this as an opportunity to educate / update your players about some of the rules and their obligations when competing in international tournaments.

  • Assign someone in your Association to be responsible for implementing this.
  • Some Member Associations have more than 50 players in the top 100 Ranking – others have less than 5.
  • Talk to your players and explain 1) what this is about, 2) why this is important and 3) communicate some basic information about each topic – Anti-Doping | Integrity | Media | Privacy (download above).
  • PLEASE don’t just ask them to sign this Undertaking – without them understanding what they are signing!
  • Bring your athletes together and have a meeting with them to explain this.
  • You can also invite other players from you national squad to sign this – those who are 101 to 150 in the World Ranking.


Organise a Meeting with the Players

  • Give information to your players
  • Ask them to read the Undertaking
  • Answer their questions
  • Make sure they understand what they are signing
  • Ask them to sign the English version OR the version in their language
  • Collect the signed copies
  • Make sure a representative signs the undertaking as well as the player
  • Put your association stamp on this
  • Scan and send to [email protected]


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