BWF Statutes

Governance / Laws / Technical Regulations


The BWF Statutes consists of all the rules, regulations, guidelines and policies that cover governance, management and the technical elements of the sport. This includes the BWF constitution, guidelines, policies, the code of ethics, codes of conduct, judicial procedures, laws of badminton and all technical regulations for badminton.

The BWF Statutes consists of five chapters with numbered sections.


Section 1.1.       BWF Constitution

Section 1.2.       Guidelines and Policies

Section 1.2.1. Guidelines for Council, Executive Board and Committees
Section 1.2.2. Federation Rules and Procedures
Section 1.2.3. Award Regulations
Section 1.2.4. Environment Policy
Section 1.2.5. General Data Privacy Policy
Section 1.2.6. Vulnerable People Safeguarding Policy
Section 1.2.7. Complaint Guidelines and Procedures
Section 1.2.8. Players Career and Entourage Policy

Section 2.1.       Code of Ethics

Section 2.2.       Codes of Conduct

Section 2.2.1.       Candidates for Election Code of Conduct
Section 2.2.2.       Elected Officials Code of Conduct
Section 2.2.3.       Bidding Organisations Code of Conduct
Section 2.2.4.       Players Code of Conduct
Section 2.2.5.       Technical Officials Code of Conduct
Section 2.2.6.       Coaches and Educators Code of Conduct
Section 2.2.7.       Classifiers Code of Conduct
Section 2.2.8.       Medical Personnel Code of Conduct

Section 2.3.       Anti-Doping Regulations

Section 2.4.       Code of Conduct in Relation to Betting, Wagering and Irregular Match Results

Section 2.5.       Table of Offences and Penalties 

Section 2.6.       Table of Offences and Penalties (Para Badminton) – Updated 30 November 2018

Section 4.1.             Laws of Badminton – Updated 31 May 2019

Section 4.1.1.      Instructions to Technical Officials (ITTO)
Section 4.1.2.      Variations in Court Equipment
Section 4.1.3.      Handicap Matches
Section 4.1.4.      Alternative Laws of Badminton
Section 4.1.5.      Vocabulary
Section 4.1.6.      Imperial Measurements
Section 4.1.7.      Additional Equipment for Para-Badminton
Section 4.1.8.      Instant Review System

Section 5.1.        General Competition Regulations (GCR) – Updated 31 May 2019

Section 5.1.1.       Approved Member Association Player Clothing Advertising 2019

Section 5.2.       Tournament Regulations

Section 5.2.1.      Major Events Tournament Regulations – Updated 31 May 2019
Section 5.2.2.      BWF World Tour Regulations
Section 5.2.3.      Junior Tournament Regulations

Section 5.3.       Specific Tournament Regulations

Section 5.3.1.      Tournament Sanction Policy
Section 5.3.2.      Time Lines for Tournaments
Section 5.3.3.      Ranking Systems

Section     World Ranking System
Section     World Junior Ranking System
Section     World Team Ranking System – Updated 31 May 2019
Section     Explanation of Adjusted and Notional Ranking

Section 5.3.4.       Specifications for International Standard Facilities
Section 5.3.5.       Distribution of prize money (all levels)
Section 5.3.6.       Player Commitment Regulations
Section 5.3.7.       Summary GCR 21 & 23 – Clothing
Section 5.3.8.       Technical Diagrams and Tables – Seeding and Byes
Section 5.3.9.       Eligibility and Processing of Entries for World Championships


Section 5.4. Multi-Sport Games and other Tournaments

Section 5.4.1. Olympic Games (OG)

Section – OG – Qualifying Regulations for Tokyo 2020 (ENG)
Section – OG – Qualifying Regulations for Tokyo 2020 (FRE)
Section – OG – Regulations for Badminton Competition – Tokyo 2020
Section – OG – Statement of Badminton’s Requirement – Tokyo 2020

Section 5.4.2. Youth Olympic Games (YOG)

Section   YOG – Qualification Regulations for Buenos Aires 2018
Section   YOG – Regulations for Badminton Competition – Buenos Aires 2018
Section   YOG – Statement of Badminton’s Requirement – Buenos Aires 2018
Section   YOG – Guidelines Regarding Authorised Identifications – Buenos Aires 2018

              Section  YOG – Appendix 1 – IF Specific Uniforms Guidelines

Section 5.4.3. Paralympic Games (PG)

Section – PG –  IPC Guidelines – Tokyo 2020 Qualification Guidelines
Section – PG – Race to Tokyo Rankings Regulations
Section – PG – Regulations for Badminton Competition
Section – PG – Statement of Badminton Requirements –  Tokyo 2020


Section 5.5.       Para-Badminton General Competitions Regulations

Section 5.5.1.   International Representation Chart
Section 5.5.2.   Specifications for International Standard Para-Badminton Facilities
Section 5.5.3.   Timelines for Para-Badminton Tournaments
Section 5.5.4.   Tournament Sanction Policy
Section 5.5.5.   Para-Badminton Classification Regulations
Section 5.5.6.   Regulations for Para-Badminton World / Continental Championships – Updated 30 November 2018
Section 5.5.7.   Explanation of Adjusted and Notional Ranking for Para-Badminton

Section 5.5.8.  Summary of (PBGCR) Clothing Regulations