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Match Manipulation

Under the BWF regulations, there are many different Corruption Offences. It is your responsibility to know what these are and to read, understand and Section 2.4 of the BWF Statutes – the Code on The Prevention Of The Manipulation Of Competitions.


Match manipulation or match fixing is just one kind of Corruption Offence under the regulations.

Manipulation of sports results or match fixing means:

  • Influencing the course or the result of a badminton match in order to obtain an advantage for yourself or for others.




  • Removing all or part of the uncertainty normally associated with the results of a competition.


Some examples are:

  1. Deliberately losing a match or part of a match so you can win money on a bet you have placed on your own match.
  2. Deliberately losing a match so your friend – a player or pair in the same draw – can get an advantage in the next round in the draw.
  3. Deliberately losing a match in the group stage so you can face an easier opponent in the knock-out stage of the competition.
  4. Offering your opponent money or something of value to lose part or all of the game or match.


It is your obligation to read, understand and follow Section 2.4 of the BWF Statutes – the Code of Conduct in Relation to Betting, Wagering and Irregular Match Results – which details all the corruption offences.


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