Associate Members

BWF has 193 Members globally. Of this total, 7 are Associate Members. Once an organisation becomes a member of the BWF, it then also becomes a member of the relevant  Continental Confederation  –  Africa / Asia / Europe / Oceania / Pan America.

Associate Members

  • French Guiana (GUF)

    Ligue de Guyane de Badminton

    B.P. 274 -38, avenue des Roches, Kourou, French Guiana

    • President: Depaquis Gaetan
    • General Secretary: Aubry Christophe
    • Contact Person: Depaquis Gaetan
  • Guadaloupe (GLP)

    Ligue de Guadaloupe de Badminton

    299A Chemin de morne Baudoin, Petit Bourg, Guadaloupe

    • President: Loial Idia
    • General Secretary: Hira Claudy
    • Contact Person: Loial Idia
  • Isle of Man (IMN)

    Isle of Man Badminton Association

    4 Mount Rule Cottages, Bradden, Isle of Man

    • President: Roberta Cannell
    • General Secretary: Sarah Corlett
    • Contact Person: Neil Harding
  • Martinique (MTQ)

    Ligue de Badminton de Martinique

    2, Lot Choiseul, 97222 Casepilote, Martinique

    • President: Philippe Milliot
    • General Secretary: Pascal Marras
    • Contact Person: Alexandre Bavarin
  • New Caledonia (NCL)

    New Caledonia Badminton Association (LBaNC)

    24 rue Paul Duquesne, New Caledonia

    • President: Johanna Kou
    • General Secretary: Hnaissilin Yann
    • Contact Person: Johanna Kou
  • Northern Marianas (MNP)

    Northern Marianas Badminton Association (NMBA)

    P.O. Box 500920, Saipan MP96950, Northern Marianas

    • President: Merlie Tolentino
    • General Secretary: Christy Villaflor
    • Contact Person: Merlie Tolentino
  • Réunion (REU)

    Ligue Nouvelle Badminton Reunion

    Maison des Sports, BP-335, Route de la Digue, 97490 Saint Clotilde, Réunion

    • General Secretary: Babou Carimbacass Jean Alix
    • Contact Person: Jean Richard Perianayagom