Buenos Aires 2018

Youth Olympic Games

Nanjing 2014

Youth Olympic Games

Singapore 2010

Youth Olympic Games

Nanjing 2014

Youth Olympic Games

Singapore 2010

Youth Olympic Games

Youth Olympic Games

Badminton is part of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), an IOC organised multi-sport event which brings together the worlds most talented youth in a multi-sport Olympic style event. The event engages athletes in both top level youth competition as well as education and cultural activities.

Youth Olympic Games 2018 hosted in Buenos Aries, Argentina in October 2018. The 2018 edition of the Summer YOG Games takes place between 6 and 18 October 2018. However, badminton competition was from 7 to 12 October 2018.


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The first edition of the Summer YOG was held in Singapore in August 2010 where badminton was a singles competition with 32 competitors in each of the singles draws.

The 2nd Summer YOG was held in Nanjing, China, 16-28 August 2014 and the programme included the badminton competition as well as integrated educational activities for players and entourage members – both were a great success.

The BWF introduced a new event for this edition of the YOG. Apart from the singles competition (men / women) there was a mixed doubles event – a “Mixed-Mixed” event where players from different nations were randomly drawn to play together (one male and one female). This event built on the theme of developing cooperation, discipline, cultural exchange and friendship through badminton.

In conjunction with the Games, the BWF for the first time hosted a Sports Initiation Programme where a series of activities took place in association with the YOG Cultural and Education Programme.

Recent Results


– Host City: Buenos Aires, Argentina

– Dates: 7 – 12 October, 2018

– Host Venue: Tecnopolis, Villa Martelli, Argentina

– Results

– Results (Relay Team)



– Host City: Nanjing, China

– Dates: 16 – 28 August, 2014

– Host Venue: Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre

– Results



– Host City: Singapore

– Dates: 15 – 19 August

– Host Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

– Results (Boys)

– Results: (Girls)