Key Decisions

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the highest authority of the BWF and there is one AGM a year, usually in May. The Council oversees the day to day business of the BWF between AGMs.

The Key Decisions of the AGM and Council are published after each meeting and sent to the membership as a Notice. These notices are also published as announcements.

You can download the notices of the key decisions of the AGM and Council above. These notices have marked up versions of the changes approved by the AGM or Council either inside the notice or as separate documents.

Below are the marked up versions of the most recent amendments to the BWF constitution.

Governance Document

Meeting / Date / Location



Kuala Lumpur  – 27 May 2023

Changes in the Vetting Rules. Transition Rules for implementation of Vetting Rules. Other amendments for clarity.


Virtual Meeting – 30 January 2021

The main changes

  • Meeting Format – BWF General Meetings – physical, virtual, hybrid.
  • Voting Methods – show of hands, electronic, paper based, acclamation.
  • In Exceptional Circumstances – delay the AGM after 31 July.
  • Correction – Athlete Commission term of office


Virtual Meeting – 18 July 2020

The main changes – Appendix I – Gender and Gepgraphical Representation and Appendix II – Vetting of Officials.


Stuart Borrie COO – [email protected]