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Judicial Processes

From Investigations to Hearings

The diagram below shows the complete process from investigations to hearings and then appeals. These steps are part of the BWF Judicial Processes.

There are different case types, but all these follow the same basic steps below. Cases could be about match manipulation, corruption in sport and sport governance related. The diagram of case types (download above) shows the different streams / case types – this is part of the BWF Judicial Processes. Please note that doping cases follow the BWF Anti-Doping Regulations (Section 2.4 of the BWF Statutes).

The top line in green below, shows  the steps in the process from 1) gathering information, 2) starting an investigation and then 3) developing a case against an individual. The process in the top row, ends in a case file that is prepared and sent to the BWF Referral Officer.



The Referral Officer is an independent lawyer who looks at the case file (evidence and the regulations) and then decides if there is  enough evidence of wrong-doing to send this to a Hearing Panel. If the Referral Officer decides to send the case to the Independent Hearing Panel, (IHP) the chair of the IHP then selects three people to form a Hearing Panel and hear.

The BWF then communicates with the person through their Member Association. The BWF will send documents related to the charges (allegations of wrong-doing) and the evidence. The accused individual can then get support and legal advice to respond to the charges.


The next step involves the hearing itself where the accused person can defend his/hersefl in front of three independent judges (Hearing Panel). If the person is found guilty of the charges, this is communicated to the person involved and sanctions are applied. The person found guilty has the right to appeal the decision of the Hearing Panel.

See the BWF Judicial Processes for the regulations related to investigations, gathering evidence, hearings, rights of the accused person, sanctions and appeals.


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