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Judicial Processes

From Investigations to Hearings

The diagram below shows the steps in the process from 1) gathering information, 2) to starting an investigation and then 3) case management.

This process (top row of the diagram) ends in a case file that is prepared for the Referral Officer.



If the BWF has enough evidence that a player is involved in match fixing or match manipulation, the BWF finalises a case file, and this is sent to a Referral Officer.

The Referral Officer is an independent lawyer who looks at the evidence and the regulations and then decides if an Ethics Hearing Panel should be established to hear the charges against the accused  person should be charged with an offence.

Once the Referral Officer decides to refer the matter to an Ethics Hearing Panel, the BWF then communicates with the person through their Member Association and the charges and evidence are presented to the accused.


The next steps involve the hearing itself where the accused person can defend themselves in front of three independent judges.

If the person is found guilty of corruption offences, this is communicated to the person and any sanctions applied.

The person then has a chance to appeal the decision of the Ethics Hearing Panel.


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