Request for Proposal Para Badminton World Circuit 2025 – 2026

Please find enclosed information on applications to host a Para Badminton World Circuit Tournament in 2025 / 2026:

  1. BWF Para Badminton Tournament Structure 2025 – 2026
  2. Applications to Host
  3. Time Frames


This information is also available from the BWF website (linked here). Please forward this internally to the relevant people in your organisation.


  1. Para Badminton World Circuit 2025 – 2026

The structure of the BWF Para Badminton World Circuit consists of the following Grades and Levels.


Para Badminton World Ranking points are awarded to players based on the Grade and Level of the tournament each player competes in, with Grade 2 Level 1 having a higher number of points than Levels 2 & 3.

  1. Application to Host a Para Badminton Tournament in 2025 – 2026

The BWF Para Badminton World Circuit – Grade 2, Level 1, 2 and 3 tournaments is a series of BWF sanctioned tournaments. Member Associations or organisations recognised by the BWF, are invited to apply to host one or more of these tournaments.

Please find attached the following:

  1. Request for Tournament Sanction (RFTS) / Bid Document – Para Badminton World Circuit 2025 & 2026.
  2. Application Form – Para Badminton World Circuit 2025 & 2026 – to be completed by the applicant.


The BWF has the right to sanction a tournament and to assign and determine how many tournaments will be allocated to each level.

  1. Time Frames
  • Tuesday 27 February 2024 – Request for Proposal Available
  • Friday 31 May 2024 – Deadline for submissions / applications
  • June 2024 – Application Review and Feedback
  • July/August 2024 – Tournaments Approved / Calendar Released

More Information / Contact Person

Please contact Head of Tournament Development – Fern Gilders ([email protected]), and Para Badminton Manager – Syahmi Sabron ([email protected]) should you have any questions.