Updates to Events Related Regulations

Updates to Events Related Regulations

Following the BWF Council Meeting in November 2023, there were several approved regulation changes that were to be updated for implementation following the completion of the Olympic and Paralympic Qualification Period.

These regulations are now updated on the BWF Website with the majority being implemented in Tournaments starting from 22/04/2024

There have been updates to the following regulations:

In badminton:

  1. Section 4.1.1 (ITTO)
  2. Section 5.2.2 (World Tour Regulations) – An update regarding substitution of seeds in World Tour tournaments
  3. Section 5.3.2 (Time Lines for Tournaments) – Draw timelines for Grade 2, 3, and Junior International Tournaments: Starting 22/04/2024, the draw will move to one week before the start of the tournament.
  4. Section (World Ranking System) – World Ranking Points for Grade 1, HSBC BWF World Tour Finals, and Super 1000 Tournaments: From 22/04/2024, these tournaments will have increased World Ranking Points. For Super 1000 Tournaments, extra World Ranking points will also be granted if the prize money exceeds certain levels.
  5. Section 5.3.4 (International Standard Facilities) – An update to player practice regulations


In Para badminton:

  1. The Wheelchair Seating Position Regulations have now been uploaded and will be in force from 12/02/2024.