Top Committed Player Programme 2024

Please find attached an updated version of the Top Committed Player Procedures for Mandatory Tournament Participation (dated 2 March 2024).

Updated Top Committed Player Procedures – Mandatory Tournament Participation – 2024

Two updates have been made:

  • If one player in a doubles pair is deemed to be too injured/ill that it would be unsafe to travel to the tournament to support promotional activities, then then both players in the pair are not expected to travel to the tournament to support promotional activities.
  • A timeline has been added to allow a player/pair whose injury/illness does not meet the threshold for an exemption, to travel to the tournament for which they applied for exemption, to support promotional activities. However, this is only applicable in situations where the application for, and determination on, their injury/illness is made pre-tournament.


This document continues to support how the BWF, respective Members, and hosts can best work together to ensure the appropriate participation of Top Committed Players in support of the HSBC BWF World Tour, and particularly the Super 1000, 750, and 500 levels of tournaments.

For more information on the Top Committed Player Regulations, please refer to BWF Statutes, Section 5.3.6 (Player Commitment Regulations), Clause 2.

More Information / Contact Person

Christopher Trenholme, Events Director – Technical Operations at: [email protected].