Clarification over point modifications made to Olympic Games ‘Race To Paris Ranking Lists’

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) can respond to recent questions about a rankings processing error and point modifications updated in the most recent Olympic Games ‘Race To Paris Ranking Lists’.

Following stakeholder feedback on inconsistencies with team tournament points calculations, a full review was undertaken of all team tournaments including the TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023 last year.

The processing error is linked to the implementation of a new rule effective 2023 regarding points calculations at team tournaments based on players’ average points and bonus points for winning matches.

It has, therefore, been necessary this week to make point modifications related to some team tournament points.

Unfortunately, the consequences of the point modifications meant a few changes to Olympic qualifying positions, most notably in relation to two French men’s doubles pairs, where the point modifications were enough to switch the ranking positions between Lucas Corvee/Ronan Labar and Christo Popov/Toma Jnr Popov, with the latter now ahead.

After our checks and manual verifications over the last 48 hours, we can confirm all point calculations and ranking positions are now correct on the published ranking.

It is with deep regret that this ranking processing error was made, but the updates have been implemented to ensure the correct ranking positions are accurate.

The Olympic badminton qualification period officially ends 28 April 2024, with the final ‘Race To Paris Rankings Lists’ published 30 April.

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