BWF AGM 2024 Follow Up / New Council Member / Decisions and Voting Record

Thank you to the 131 Members and the 9 Associate Members who participated in the BWF AGM 2024 in Chengdu on Saturday 27 April 2024.

A total of 261 participants took part on this year’s Welcome Dinner, Members’ Forum and AGM in Chengdu. Thank you for taking part this year and we hope you had productive meetings and enjoyed the local hospitality.

We would very much like to hear from you about what you thought of the planning and delivery of the AGM. Please complete this short survey (linked here) – English / French / Spanish.

  1. Key Information

Please find enclosed, information from the BWF AGM of Saturday 27 April 2024.


  1. Participation Statistics

 Thank you to everyone who participated. Here are some attendance statistics:

  • 131 Members represented by Voting Delegates
  • Second Delegates – 39
  • Associate Members – 9
  • BWF Council members – 27
  • CC Representatives – 5
  • Observers – 30
  • BWF staff – 20
  • Total Attendance – 261

(Note – some people have multiple roles – counted once)

  1. New Council Member

BWF is pleased to inform the membership, that Charlotte Dew-Hattens from Denmark was elected onto Council at the AGM in Chengdu.

As you will recall, there was one candidate to fill a casual vacancy.

Please see Charlotte’s profile (see profile here).



  1. Other Decisions of the AGM 2024

The AGM approved 14 of the 15 proposals on the agenda (linked here). Item 6.1, the Badminton Australia Proposal to amend the BWF Constitution, did not pass.

Please see the Summary of the Voting Record (Annex A) and Detailed Voting Record (Annex B). These show the results from each proposal and how each Member voted (except for Item 4.9 – To consider the recommendation form the BWF Council for the continuation of the suspension of the Russian National Badminton Federation) – which was a secret ballot.

The decisions of the AGM 2024 were as follows:

  • Item 2.1 – Minutes – AGM 2023 – Approved the minutes of the last meeting.
  • Item 3.2 – Accounts – Adopted the Audited Financial Statements (31 Dec. 2023).
  • Item 1 – Amendments to Constitution – approved a new definition (Confirmation)
  • Item 4.2 – Badminton England (BE) Proposal – approved the amendment to the BWF Proposal (Item 4.3) submitted by Badminton England which added a new Clause 23.11 to BWF Council’s proposal on Commercial Organisations.
  • Item 4.3 – Council Proposal to Amend the Constitution – Subsidiary Organisations (including the BE amendments – additional Clause 23.11 as above), this was approved – see the agenda (linked here) for the wording of the proposal and the
  • Item 4.4 – APPENDIX I – Council Geographical and Gender Representation – approved the amendments as per the agenda / Annexure D.
  • Item 4.5 – APPENDIX II – Vetting Rules / Clause 2 – Eligibility – approved the amendments as per the agenda / Annexure D.
  • Note that Annexure D – Amendments to the BWF Constitution – track version of – amendments (see Annexure D linked here).
  • Item 4.6 – Laws of Badminton – approved the amendments as per the agenda.
  • Item 4.7 – Suspension – approved the continuation of the suspension of Badminton Kenya.
  • Item 4.8 – Suspension – approved the continuation of the suspension – Fédération Royale Marocaine de Badminton.
  • Item 4.9 – Suspension – approved the continuation of the suspension the National Badminton Federation of Russia (NBFR) – note – secret ballot.
  • Item 5 IAB Report and Recommendations – approved the recommendations of the Independent Appointment Body (IAB) and receive the report from the IAB and the Independent Vetting Panel.
  • Item 6.1Proposal from Badminton Australia – the AGM did not approve this proposal.
  • Item 7 – Election – Casual Vacancy on Council – the AGM elected Charlotte Dew-Hattens by acclimation.
  • Item 8 – Subscription 2025 – Set the unit of subscription for as USD$200/unit (same as current).
  • Item 9 – Auditors 2024 – Maintained BDO PLT as auditors for 2024.

  1. Share your Experience of the AGM

 BWF would very much like to hear from Voting Delegates, Delegates and the Observers who attended the AGM. Tell us about your AGM experience (linked here).

Contact person

Please contact Stuart Borrie ([email protected]), BWF Chief Operating Officer, if you have any questions regarding the enclosed.