Para Badminton Regulations 2022

The new Para Badminton Tournament Structure starts this year and BWF has announced the calendar of tournaments for 2022 which follows this new structure (linked here).

This tournament structure includes different levels of tournaments within the Para Badminton international tournament circuit. The tournaments sanctioned by BWF this year include Para Badminton World Circuit Tournaments, Para Badminton Continental Championships, Continental Multisport Games and the BWF Para Badminton World Championships.

Please see the BWF website for more details on the structure (linked here).

  1. Para Badminton Regulations

In 2021, BWF updated the Para Badminton Competition Regulations for the new Tournament Structure and these regulations were made available to the membership on 20 April 2021 – see our announcement (linked here).

Newly introduced regulations (in effect from 1 January 2022)

  • Section 5.5 – Para Badminton General Competition Regulations (PBGCR)
  • Section 5.5.1 – Para Badminton Events Combination Chart
  • Section 5.5.2 – Specification for Int. Standard Para Badminton Facilities
  • Section 5.5.3 – Timelines for Para Badminton Tournaments
  • Section 5.5.4 – Para Badminton Tournament Sanction Policy
  • Section 5.5.8 – Summary of PBGCR Clothing Regulations
  • Section 5.5.9 – Para Badminton World Rankings Regulations
  • Section 5.5.10 – Para Badminton World Circuit Regulations


These documents were posted on the BWF website on 20 April 2021 (linked here) and are now in effect. The Para Badminton Competition Regulations listed above can be found under Section 5.5 of the BWF Statutes (linked here).

It is recommended that Member Associations and organisations that govern Para Badminton in their territory familiarize themselves with the new regulations and structure as it affects the participation of players at BWF sanctioned Para badminton tournaments.

Please share this information with your players/coaches/team managers that are involved in Para badminton.

Below are some parts of the documents that you should pay attention to. It is however highly recommended for everyone to go through the regulations to review.

  1. Section 5.5.3 – Timelines for Para Badminton Tournament

With regard to Section 5.5.3 – Timelines for Badminton Tournaments, please note the following:

  • Grade 2 Level 1 tournaments will follow similar process to badminton where a list of entries (M&Q) will be published the same week the entry deadline closes. This list would show the players who has registered and the ones that will be in the main entry (top 12 or top 8) and reserve list.
  • Grade 2 Level 1 withdrawal deadline is three (3) weeks before the competition day.
  • Grade 2 Level 2 withdrawal deadline is two (2) weeks before the competition day.
  • Grade 2 Level 1 draws are created two (2) weeks before the competition day.


BWF will circulate more information in the next few weeks, especially as it relates to the first few tournaments on the calendar for 2022 (linked here) as we implement the regulations.

  1. Section 5.5.10 – Para Badminton World Ranking Regulations
  • Ranking points awarded for performance at tournaments have been updated. Please see the regulations.
  • A player’s / pair total para badminton world ranking points must include at least one result from a Grade 2, Level 2 tournament.

  1. Section 5.5.10 – Para Badminton World Circuit Regulations

Here are some key points related to the different Grades and Levels of tournaments. The structure consists of the following:

Grade 2 (Para Badminton Internationals)

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3


Grade 2 Level 1

  • There will be no classification at this level of tournament and only those with classification status ‘Confirmed (C)’ and Fixed Review Date (FRD) that is after the tournament dates will be able to enter
  • This level of tournaments will have restricted number of entries that are based on the world rankings.
    • All wheelchair events will have a draw size of 12
    • MS SL3, MS SL4, MS SU5, MS SH6 will have a draw size of 12
    • WS SL3, WS SL4, WS SU5, WS SH6, WD SH6, XD SH6, MD SH6 will have a draw size of eight (8).
  • Any withdrawals up until the team managers meeting at the tournament can be filled by players in the reserve list.
  • Combining gender for an event will not be allowed at this level.
  • A host of Grade 2 Level 1 tournament may elect to have a maximum of four (4) wildcard entries if they have no player ranked in the top eight (8) or twelve (12) in any of the wheelchair and/or standing events.
  • These wildcards will enter the group round (main draw).
  • 1 male wheelchair player (either WH 1 or WH 2 class)
  • 1 female wheelchair player (either WH 1 or WH 2 class)
  • 1 male standing player (either SL3, SL 4, SU 5, or SH 6 class)
  • 1 female standing player (either SL 3, SL 4, SU 5, or SH 6 class)


Grade 2 Level 2 and 3

  • The tournaments at these levels will have an open entry system similar to what we have currently.
  • Tournaments at this level will offer classification unless BWF determine otherwise.


Withdrawals after classification

  • At Grade 2 Level 2 and 3 and Grade 3, any withdrawals after classification up to end of the re-entry process time as announced by the technical delegate of the tournament is allowed. Withdrawals after this period will incur penalty.