Para Badminton Regulations 2022 Onwards

In a follow up to the memorandum regarding the New Para Badminton Structure / Bids for Tournaments 2022 Onwards (linked here), the BWF has been working on a new set of Para badminton regulations to support this tournament structure and Para badminton competition in general.

These regulations will take effect on 1 January 2022 so it is important that everyone is made aware of these changes and to go through the documents.

  1. Para Badminton Regulations 2022 Onwards

The new set of regulation documents are as follow:

  • Section 5.5 – Para Badminton General Competition Regulations (PBGCR)
  • Section 5.5.1 – Para Badminton Events Combination Chart
  • Section 5.5.2 – Specification for Int. Standard Para Badminton Facilities
  • Section 5.5.3 – Timelines for Para Badminton Tournament
  • Section 5.5.4 – Para Badminton Tournament Sanction Policy
  • Section 5.5.8 – Summary of PBGCR Clothing Regulations
  • Section 5.5.9 – Para Badminton World Rankings Regulations
  • Section 5.5.10 – Para Badminton World Circuit Regulations


The documents can be found on the BWF Corporate website – linked here.

The BWF will update to the membership if any changes to the regulations are made later this year. Please forward this internally to the relevant people in your organisation.