Webinar for Delegates – Video Available


Webinar for Delegates – Video Available

At the close of the delegate nomination period this evening KL time, BWF had received nominations from 160 Members in Good Standing for the AGM 2021.

The BWF AGM 2021 is an important opportunity for the membership to make decisions on the proposals on the agenda and to elect the new Council (2021-2025) – Annexure F – Candidates List for Council Elections.

Thank you to all the delegate (both Voting Delegates and Second Delegates) who attended the Webinar for Delegates this evening at 1900 KL time. For those who missed this, you can always watch the video!

1.  Delegates’ Webinar Video Available

If you missed the Webinar, the video of the webinar for delegates and the PowerPoint presentation is now available on the website (linked here).

This 40 minute video covers the following topics:

– How to get ready.

– What is the technology / what you need

– How to login / test / use your device.

– How to vote / results of voting.

– What to do if you have problems.


2.  Guide for Delegates – 5 success factors

To make your AGM experience a success – follow these below:

  1. Study the agenda (Full agenda / Summary of voting rounds – see attached).
  2. Decide how you will vote [before meeting]
  3. Login Friday – for the practice session / WIFI / Sound (1900 – 2200 Friday 21 May 2021
  4. Good WiFi – computer / laptop [mobile is ok but less suitable]
  5. Login early – 20 minutes before meeting

3.  Important Links – Get Ready for the AGM 2021

  1. Video – Council Election Process 2021 – how does this work in 2021 to account the required geographical and gender representation? (linked here) (ENG, FRA, ESP)
  2. Profiles of Candidates – videos (linked here). See Annexure E  / See Annexure F
  3. Video – of each Regional Information Sessions (ENG, FRA, ESP) (linked here) – if you missed one of the sessions, you can view one of these online. These focus on the agenda, proposals, election process.
  4. Scoring System Proposal (linked here) – information and infographics
  5. Chairs Video Reports (linked here)
  6. Highlights 2020 Video – now available (linked here)