Agenda, Annual Report, Papers & Steps towards the Virtual AGM

The BWF virtual Annual General Meeting will be held at 1900 KL time (1300 CET), on Saturday 22 May 2021.

Please find attached and below, important information about the steps towards the AGM and the meeting itself. Please note that all information for the AGM is published on the BWF website (linked here).

1.Agenda, Annual Report, Meeting Papers AGM

The following meeting papers are available on the BWF website.


Please find attached the steps towards the virtual AGM. The activities are important to help your delegate(s) prepare for this ‘decision making AGM’.

2.   Steps towards the BWF AGM – Key Dates

The steps towards the AGM include two webinars and five regional video conferences. The video conferences are an important opportunity to discuss the agenda and the proposals from Council and Members.

  • Friday 2 April 2021 – Notice of the AGM / agenda / papers / annual report sent
  • Friday 9 April 2021 – 12 Chairs Video reports uploaded on BWF website
  • Friday 16 April 2021 – Deadline for amendments to proposals
  • 10 – 19 May 2021 – Regional Video Conferences – English, Spanish, French
  • Thursday 20 May 2021 – @ 1900 KL Time – webinar for delegates to the AGM
  • Thursday 20 May 2021 – @ 1900 KL Time – Deadline to nominate delegates
  • Saturday 22 May 2021 – @ 1900 KL Time – BWF AGM and elections

3.  Candidates for Elections 2021 / Vetting of Nominees

As you know, elections for Council will be held at the AGM 2021. On 15 February, before the deadline for the close of nominations for elections, BWF announced the process and timetable for vetting and when the Candidates List would be available.

The vetting process was planned to be complete by today, 2 April 2021, however this has taken longer than expected due to the numbers of nominees and the time required for the Vetting Panel to complete its work.

BWF has therefore delayed the announcement of the Candidates List until the week beginning Monday 12 April.

4. Proposals from Members – Scoring System

As you can see from the AGM Agenda, there are a number of proposals from BWF Members and these include amendments to the Laws of Badminton including a proposal for a new Scoring System – 5 Games to 11.

Scoring System PBSI / Badminton Association of Maldives Proposal

On the agenda is a proposal to amend the scoring system (Item 5.2). This proposal is very similar to the Council proposal the membership considered at the BWF AGM 2018 in Bangkok. This proposal to amend the Laws of Badminton relates to:

  • Law 7 – Scoring System
  • Law 8 – Change of Ends
  • Law 16 – Continuous Play


The proposal means the following:

  • Best of 5 games to 11
  • Current setting rules from 10 – 10 capped at 15
  • Changing ends in the 5th and 6th game.

5. Getting Ready for the Virtual AGM

It is important Members and delegates to prepare for the AGM. Key actions are:

It is important Members and delegates to prepare for the AGM. Key actions are:

  1. Read the Agenda – proposals / voting rounds
  2. Look at the proposals on the agenda – amendments to the Laws / New Scoring System – 5 Games to 11 / amendments to the constitution – Officials Language / Term of Council / Associate Members.
  3. Decide on your delegate (s) in April.
  4. Complete the Delegates Nomination Form – send to [email protected]
  5. Make sure your delegate(s) attend the regional video conferences / discussions.
  6. Review the profiles of the Candidates for Council elections when available.
  7. Decide before the meeting, how your delegate will vote for each proposal and for the Council elections.

6. AGM Information

Please note that all the information for the AGM 2021 will be posted on the BWF corporate website AGM page (linked here) as these become available.