Council Calls EGM – 30 January 2021

BWF gives notice that under Clause 16 of the BWF Constitution (linked here), the Council has called a BWF Virtual EGM on Saturday 30 January 2021 to deal with a range of constitutional matters related to the BWF AGM 2021 which is planned for 22 May 2021.

For all the information, visit the BWF EGM 2021 page of the website (linked here).

  1. Business of the EGM

The business of the EGM is to consider governance and constitutional matters related to General Meetings and to consider Council proposals:

  • To ratify the interim procedures the Council used to calculate Voting Strength (2020-2024) due to the Covid-19 impact (Annexure A).
  • To approve the amendments to the BWF Constitution related to the framework for virtual meetings (Annexure B).
  • To approve the holding of the 2021 AGM in a virtual format on 22 May 2021.

  1. Documents

These documents can be downloaded from the BWF EGM 2021 page of the website (linked here).

  1. Notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting
  2. BWF Virtual EGM Order Paper / Agenda
  3. Steps towards the EGM – Activities to Inform and Prepare the Delegates
  4. Annexure A – Voting Strength Calculation – Impact of Covid-19
  5. Annexure B – BWF Constitution – Proposed Amendments
  6. Delegates Nomination Form

The most important action for BWF Members is to look at the Order Paper / Agenda for the virtual EGM, and decide early, who the delegate(s) will be, complete the nomination form attached and send top Patricia Wong, [email protected]