BWF Virtual EGM 2021

The first ever virtual BWF EGM was a success with all resolutions on the agenda being passed by the meeting.

BWF Council calls an EGM – 30 January 2021

Under Clause 16 of the BWF Constitution, the Council has called a virtual Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to consider constitutional matters related to the AGM of 22 May 2021.

The decision making virtual EGM will be held on Saturday 30 January 2021 at 1900 (07:00PM) KL time / 1200 noon Central European Time (CET).

As per Clause 16, the business of the EGM will be to consider the Council proposals:

  • To ratify the interim procedures the Council used to calculate Voting Strength due to the Covid-19 impact (Annexure A).
  • To approve the amendments to the BWF Constitution related to the framework for virtual meetings (Annexure B).
  • To approve the holding of the 2021 AGM in a virtual format on 22 May 2021.


The Voting Strength for each Member is what the BWF sent to the membership on a memo 2 December 2020 – (linked here).


The following documents can be downloaded from above:

Steps towards the EGM

We strongly advise for you to nominate your delegate(s) as soon as possible, so they can attend the activities leading up to the EGM. The steps towards the EGM include the following:

  • Monday 18 January – 1900 KL time – BWF webinar for Members (ENG)
  • Wednesday 20 January – 1500 KL Time – Asia/Oceania Regional video conference (ENG)
  • Thursday 21 January – 12:00 CET – Europe Regional video (ENG) conference
  • Friday 22 January – 11:00 GMT – Africa Regional video conference (FRA)
  • Monday 25 January – 11:00 GMT – Africa Regional video conference (ENG)
  • Tuesday 26 January – 09:00am Lima – Pan Am Regional video conference (ENG)
  • Wednesday 27 January – 09:00am Lima – Pan Am Regional video conference (ESP)
  • Thursday 28 January – 19:00 KL time – Deadline for nomination of delegates to the EGM (48 hours before the meeting) & Webinar for Delegate 19:00 – 20:00 KL time
  • Friday 29 January – 19:00 – 20:00 KL time – Delegates can log into the system once to check this login process.
  • Saturday 30 January -19:00 KL time / 12:00 CET – Decision-making Virtual EGM 2021

Contact Stuart Borrie, COO – [email protected], if you have any questions regarding the enclosed.