Players Undertaking Required for top 100 WR Players by 30 September

On 27 November 2019, BWF sent out a notice that each player in the top 100 World Ranking (men’s/women’s singles / doubles and mixed), must individually sign a ‘Players Undertaking’ (see the announcement).

This undertaking describes 1) BWF Commitments and 2) Player Commitments. It is designed to highlight some of the obligations players have under the regulations, when competing internationally.

Please find a letter (linked here) from Thomas Lund, Secretary General which:

  • Reminds Members of the obligation and asks for your assistance to follow up;
  • States that 75% of players have completed this requirement;
  • Details a new deadline of 30 September 2020 to return the remaining forms;
  • Reminds Members that each player must provide a personal email address as part of this declaration process.

If you have any questions, contact Jessy Sung [email protected]


Article 4.12  of Section 5.1 – General Competition Regulations (linked here) states the following:

  • For Player’s ranked number 100 or above in any Event on the World Ranking, such Players must sign the BWF Players Undertaking to retain the status as a Registered Player for Entry.
  • Section 5.3.6 – Player Commitment Regulations also states the same obligation.

Implementing the Players Undertaking

BWF is requesting that all Member Associations who have players in the top 100 World Ranking, assign someone responsible in their Association to implement this.

The BWF has uploaded on the website, information and ideas for implementation (linked here). This includes:

  • The Player Undertaking in 9 different languages – English, Spanish, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.
  • Ideas for Implementing the Players Undertaking
  • Basic Information / Links to Regulations – Anti-Doping | Integrity | Media | Privacy

The deadline for Member Associations to provide the signed Player Undertaking for each of their players in the top 100 World Ranking is 30 September 2020.

BWF will be writing to each Member Association individually in the next two days to provide further information. In the meantime, please read the enclosed.

Please contact Jessy Sung at [email protected] or myself if you have any questions regarding the enclosed.