Celebrating BWF’s 90th Anniversary

Today marks 90 years since the International Badminton Federation / IBF (now BWF) was established at a meeting organised by the “Badminton Association” (now the Badminton Association of England).

We have today published a range of information that marks this anniversary including an article on the founding of the IBF and the milestones of the journey over the last 90 years (linked here).

Below is some more information including links to articles originally published in World Badminton Magazine in 1980, which tracks the earlier years of the IBF.

Today also marks World Badminton Day 2024, and a large number of activities have been taking place globally. Thank you to the membership who have been engaged in these activities and promoting our sport. See BWF’s activities in Kuala Lumpur to promote World Badminton Day – Rasing a Racket with Underprivileged Children.

IBF – Founded on 5 July 1934

On 5 July 1934, the representatives from the Badminton Associations of Canada, Denmark, England, France, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales gathered at Bush House in London to establish a new organisation – the International Badminton Federation.

The purpose of the meeting was to form a world body for the sport that would govern badminton at an international level, sanction international tournaments, be responsible for the Laws of Badminton and ensure the consistent application of the Laws.

From the 9 Founding Members 1934 to the 201 Members in 2024, it has been an extraordinary journey for BWF and badminton.

In Chengdu at the AGM in late April, the BWF President, Poul-Erik Høyer acknowledged the membership and said that “the BWF Members had made extraordinary contributions to the development of the sport over the last 90 years. It was a very different era back in the 1930’s and we look very different today – we have a very diverse global membership of 201 and a sport that is played in every part of the world”.

Articles and More information

Click on the links to view more information about the early years of the BWF:

  1. IBF Minutes of the Meeting – 5 July 1934
  2. The First IBF Handbook – 1 September 1936
  3. IBF History – Part 1 – How it All Began
  4. IBF History – Part 2 – How Sir George Re-Wrote the Laws
  5. IBF History – Part 3 – The 17 Years Debate
  6. imeline – Major Milestones – 1934 – 2004
  7. Timeline – Major Milestones – 2005 – 2024