Anti-Doping Information Session Get Ready – YONEX BWF World Junior Championships 2024

Thank you to the 23 administrators, coaches and team managers from 17 Member Associations who attended the Anti-Doping Information Session on Thursday 27 June 2024.

As you know, every player must complete anti-doping education before participating in the YONEX BWF World Junior Championships 2024 (see our Notice of 14 June).

If your team manager did not attend, they can watch the video of the presentation (linked here).

In addition, the PowerPoint presentation can also be accessed and downloaded (linked here).

Please forward this to your team managers, coaches and support personnel going to the YONEX BWF World Junior Championships 2024.

Information Session – for coaches and Managers

The information session on 27 June, focused on how to plan for anti-doping education programmes for players who are participating in the YONEX BWF World Junior Championships 2024 in Nanchang, China. The session included information on the following:

  • Why is Anti-Doping education important?
  • Successful Elements – Education Programmes.
  • Requirements for the World Junior Championships.
  • Options to achieve these requirements.
  • 11 mandatory topics for education – anti-doping information.
  • Resources / communication / inspiration.


Please contact Andy Hines-Randle ([email protected]) with any questions about the requirement, resources or if you need assistance contacting your NADO.

About the Championships – what are the education requirements?

The YONEX BWF World Junior Championships 2024 will be hosted in Nanchang, China later this year.

  • Mixed Team Championships (Suhandinata Cup) 30 September – 05 October 2024
  • Individual Championships (Eye-Level Cups) 07 – 13 October 2024


Please note that every individual player must complete some form of anti-doping education before they participate in the 2024 Championships (teams and/or individuals).

This is an eligibility requirement to participate in the Championships, as per BWF Anti-Doping Regulations, Article 17.2.

Start planning to work with your National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) and the BWF to complete this requirement no later than Friday 20 September 2024.

  • A guide on planning for anti-doping education can be found linked here.

Anti-Doping Information – BWF Website

We prepared a reference document – “Anti-Doping Information – BWF Website Links” – which will guide you to essential anti-doping information (linked here).


If you have questions about the anti-doping education requirements for the YONEX BWF World Junior Championships 2024, please contact Andy Hines-Randle, Head of Integrity ([email protected]).