BWF AGM – Two weeks to go!

We are very much looking forward to welcoming participants to Kuala Lumpur and the BWF Members’ Forum 2023 and AGM. In just two weeks, most of you will have arrived in KL.

Please find enclosed the following notices and reminders for participants.


  1. AGM 2023 Preparations – friendly reminders – check list.
  2. Council AGM Proposal – Vetting Rules 2023 – a guide in English, French, Spanish.
  3. Members Forum Programme – now available – BWF website (linked here)
  4. Visit us / the BWF Office while in KL – times to register for a quick tour!

  1. AGM Planning – your visit to KL

More than 140 Members have nominated delegates for the BWF AGM.

All Member Associations / delegates / participants should have completed these tasks – please check that you have received confirmation for 1 and 2 below.

  1. Accommodation – booked accommodation at the official hotel – Traders KLCC – and received confirmation on your stay.
  2. Arrival / Departure Information – told us your travel details for arrival. When you did this, you would have received a confirmation of the information you provided.


Contact Patricia if you need assistance on either of these above – [email protected]

Transport – we have arranged for transport to pick you up at KL International Airport (either KLIA 1 or KLIA 2) when you arrive, and to take you back to the airport when you leave.

More information on this process will be sent next week.

Travel Insurance – we strongly recommend purchasing your own travel insurance.

The AGM page on the BWF website (linked here) has all the information for participants – the agenda, meeting papers, annual report and audited financial statements.

  1. Council Proposal to the AGM – Vetting Rules 2023

A guide to the BWF Council proposal is available in three languages (English, French and Spanish) on the BWF website (linked here).

The Proposal is Item 4.2 on the AGM Agenda. This is an important proposal and it is quite complex, so the guide is there to help delegates understand the proposal and how this will improve existing Vetting Rules.

We have also prepared a video presentation in three languages (linked here).

  1. Members Forum Programme

Innovation and Change – new opportunities – better practices

It’s been 10 years since BWF last hosted a Forum and AGM in Kuala Lumpur. Over the past decade there has been extraordinary development and change for both BWF and the sport.

The BWF Members’ Forum 2023 is an opportunity to look at where we are and what we have achieved, and where we want to be as a sport in 10 years’ time.

Next year on 5 July 2024, BWF will celebrate its 90th birthday, and there are 10 years before its 100th anniversary.

Looking long term and identifying key projects, priorities and outcomes will be a focus for the Members’ Forum.


  1. Visit the BWF Office while in KL

If you have time while you are in KL, come and visit the BWF office. We have arranged some times as described below for those who have already arrived.

Click on the link here and register for one of these days / times and we will take you on a tour.

  • Wednesday 24 May – 10:00 AM
  • Wednesday 24 May – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday 25 May – 10:00 AM
  • Thursday 25 May – 5:00 PM


We are not able to provide individual visit times.

Unfortunately, we are offering ‘group tour’ times as the staff will be very busy with meetings and preparation.