Paris 2024 Olympic Games Badminton Tickets

Further to our Memo of 6 December regarding tickets to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games (linked here), individual ticket sales to the public will go on sale mid-May.

Members can request BWF to purchase tickets to the Badminton Competition on their behalf.

The deadline for Members to request tickets is Friday 5 May 2023 (next week).

Please see the attached session numbers and price range.

Please read the below terms and conditions if you are interested in ordering tickets to badminton through BWF.

You must contact Patricia [email protected] as soon as possible to express interest and to get more details.

Details of the Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is for BWF Members.
  • This offer to order tickets on your behalf to Olympic Badminton Sessions does not include any accommodation / airfares / transport. That is the individual responsibility of the ticket holder.
  • Tickets for Paris 2024 are electronic tickets (probably with a QR code).
  • A name must be associated with each ticket. So Member Associations need to plan this carefully when ordering.
  • Before the tickets are allocated, a name needs to be allocated against each ticket.
  • Target groups are:
    • Member Association Presidents / their family members.
    • Member Association Board Members / their family members.
    • Member Association Staff / CC staff / BWF staff.


  • There are strict terms and conditions of use of the tickets. Tickets cannot be used in combination with promotions, used as rewards or prizes, used to raise funds, or be re-sold.
  • BWF will use its best efforts to secure tickets for those Members who request this.

Badminton Competition – Paris 2024 Olympic Games

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