AirBadminton Update – March 2023

While we wait for the exciting AirBadminton competitions happening later this year, especially the ANOC World Beach Games 2023 in Bali in August and the Continental Qualification Events, find below some important updates and reminders on AirBadminton.

AirBadminton Competitions

Competition Regulations

For the past few months, we have been pleased to see a greater number of Member Associations organising regional and national AirBadminton competitions.  To better assist our members, we have compiled all the latest rules and documents to assist you deliver exciting AirBadminton events nationally.

Please visit our AirBadminton website to download the rules of both the Mixed Team Relay event (link) and the Individual Event (link).

Regional Beach Games

In addition to featuring at the ANOC World Beach Games 2023 in Bali, AirBadminton will also make its debut at another multi-event beach games; the African Beach Games 2023 (25 June – 1 July).

To support the development of AirBadminton, the BWF is working with several regional sports organisations and multi-sports beach games organisers to have AirBadminton included as a sport discipline.

If you are aware of any regional and/or international multi-sport beach games happening in your region, please contact Sahir Edoo at [email protected]

AirBadminton Equipment

Member Associations can still purchase the recreational kit (comes with a net) and the competition kit, at a discounted price, from the manufacturers in China and Taiwan.

If you are interested to purchase AirBadminton equipment, please contact Claus Thomsen at [email protected]

New Distributors

To further develop AirBadminton and to make its equipment, especially the AirShuttle, globally accessible, we will be requesting for your assistance to identify more distributors and/or retailers in your country or region who are mainly dealing in the distribution or sales of sports goods or similar products.

The BWF team will then contact these distributors and retailers to make the AirShuttle more accessible worldwide.

If you want AirBadminton equipment to be available in your country at an affordable price, please fill in this short online form (link) by 21 March 2022.

Free Samples

If you have not yet requested for your free samples of the AirShuttle v2, please contact us at [email protected].

In the meantime, you can view and contact the current distributors of the AirShuttle on the AirBadminton Website (link).

AirBadminton Reminders

As a reminder, find below a few AirBadminton resources and information that can be accessed on the AirBadminton website –

AirBadminton Guideline

The AirBadminton Guidelines document aim to provide a better understanding of the various areas on AirBadminton – available in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish on the website.

AirBadminton Country Logo

To promote your AirBadminton activities, you can get your own AirBadminton personalised logo and it’s free.  If you are interested to receive your AirBadminton logo, you can email us on [email protected].

AirBadminton Promo Videos & Materials

Don’t forget to use the existing promo materials and info to promote AirBadminton locally including the instructional videos and branding toolkit.

BWF AirBadminton Contact

Please contact Sahir Edoo, BWF Head of Development Projects, if you have any questions on the enclosed –  [email protected]