Subscription 2023 Update / BWF Office Closure on Monday

  1. Subscription 2023 Update

Thank you to all those Member Associations who have paid their BWF subscriptions for 2023.

Please see the BWF website for those Members who have outstanding subscription payments for 2023 (linked here). Please note that players from the Members listed will not be able to be entered into BWF sanctioned tournaments until the subscription has been paid.

Clause 26.6 of the BWF constitution states – “A subscription shall be payable prior to a Member or its players taking part in competitive events as in Clause 26.”1.

In no circumstances can a Member’s player(s) or a team continue to compete beyond the due date for payment of the subscription, nor can that Member stage a Federation sanctioned tournament”.

  1. BWF Office Closed on Monday 6 February – National Holiday

Please be advised that the BWF office will be closed for one day next week:

  • Monday 6 February – a national holiday to mark the Tamil festival of Thaipusam.